No Creas In Signs That Really Not There

Signs That Really Not Ther

When tede really love someone and want to get the love you lost, the mind can produce things that look like clear signals that you feel that way, but they are only the result of your imagination.

Sometimes it can be difficult to miss desifrar or if you ‘re not seeing something real or just see something you really want to see.

Signs that do not exist..

Let me share an example for me to understand what I’m talking about. In my first year of college, I had confidence that would meet the person you fall in love with me, I ‘d marry and life would be perfect.

That was something that I was so sure, no one could have convinced me otherwise, no matter what might have happened at the time.

Seeing it all from that point of view, I was always looking for that perfect person. He was always looking for the right person that just looking at it you would know immediately that it was the person he was looking for.

It was then that I met Evelyn. Evelyn and I had a couple of friends in common and the first time I saw a small part of me said: Yes, it is.

Since then, I spent much time with Evelyn, knowing deep down that at some point things would go the way I wanted.

We went to parties together, we hung out with friends, but for some reason, never try to touching or kissing. However, she felt that she was what he had been waiting.

The history of meeting the person perfects in college always seemed magical, so I never questioned that it could be otherwise. And because I knew it was Evelyn, was sure that things would work eventually.

I was not really prepared for what was gonna happen, though. One night, probably after a month or so to spend time together, Evelyn told me he wanted to talk to me .

He seemed a little nervous, so I had confidence that I was going to say that I liked and wanted to be my partner. My heart raced at the thought actually.

I did not know what was going to happen, though.

What Evelyn meant to me was that she was really attracted to my friend Jorge. She wanted to know if he had a girlfriend and if he thought that George would like to date her. To say that I was very disappointed would not.

All that time, I had been building a story of how things were supposed to be and how ivan she was the right woman for me, and it was here she was talking to me with another man. I was really hurt but I decided not to notice.

Evelyn and Regina Gorge and never left. Actually he did not like and from that moment, I began to spend less time with others. What I learned then, even now I learn a little to think about it, all the time I had been inventing wrong signals, because that was what I wanted.

It was not necessarily what I wanted or what was really happening. I think we do a lot for ourselves. We look for what we do and because we want to see, and actually not all the signs are there.

I remember this story when I hear a woman tell me about your ex boyfriend and how he still feels for her because he calls her. Sometimes when you really talk about what really happens , it seems that you still love your ex boyfriend.

What happens is that still want to like them and that’s what they are really watching or want to watch it.

If a guy or girl you like or you met in the past and still have feelings, you must be careful not invent that want your signals. You must be sure that they are are real and if not, you may need to move on and accept that it is not reality.

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