Myths (part II)

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-Women don’t want sex

Movies, TV shows, stories from other people, family education, teach us about women We have to convince the women to have sex. This seen as if sex for a woman is a task which she performs an obligation with which she must meet, just as a reward for having spent our money and pay attention. It is clearly a SOCIAL conditioning of a sexist society and retrograde.

But because…… Do because the social conditioning wants to to us (and she also) believe that women do not like much sex?

Apparently there are several reasons for this.

Social conditioning protects women from men who only want to use women for sex. Social conditioning trains people to believe that women should be first love to have sex or must be in a relationship first committed, so women have a defense against men who see women only as simple objects.

Parents teach their daughters from girls; These ideas of love and marriage thus would avoid to go with men then getting pregnant at the time not suitable for their age.

This conditioning is parallel to the reality of being a woman to a certain extent. The majority of women are sexually submissive. They do not initiate sex (although there are exceptions). On the other hand they respond when your man starts. And most of the women prefer you so.

Women are excited by the fact that their man is excited for her. Women worship be desired and taken by his men, makes them beautiful and feminine.

However they are also victims of social conditioning. It is interpreted to mean, that any woman who loves having sex should be a bitch. This has caused great frustration in women

Although women love sex so never allow a stranger. It would appear to be whores, and invited men to advance on them.

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