Myths (part I)

We find as a definition of myths in the dictionary as follows: «True stories that contain those recurring problems and socio-cultural contradictions of the human condition». Thus, we include in this sense to the set of narratives taken by true and Holy in certain cultural contexts.

-Women like the «good» guys.

Women hate to the good guys. A good boy represents a being predictable, boring, monotonous, NICE GUY. This does not mean that we must be idiots to take girls but once you’ve wondered because many beautiful women are attracted by the reckless types or the bad boy?

Basically the society tells us that we should buy women flowers, be educated, «be ourselves», but when we follow these indications we get unintended results, falling in the area of friends, seem gay, necesitado…. etc. but because?

Because women sought protection patterns for thousands of years, power and security of his men, this became a part of their genes, their innate instincts of survival.

In primitive times women were attracted to men strong with large muscles, because a man so could protect it, hunting to feed the family and to her.

Over time this choice I get to be instinctive and were put in their unconscious selection process. «» In the wild is a similar course of action, the animals don’t «think» who will provide better offspring, they feel in your body something, «momentum», towards a male in particular.

A woman can act in the same way to feel a «push» to a certain type of man. Us call this «push» or feelings, attraction.

Today, not only the kind with muscles has the better chance of survival, although women still noticing it attractive, is also the man with more social power and security, the type with higher status, commonly known as EL MACHO ALFA.

Be rich, socially connected or similar automatically creates attraction, but the feeling behind both, muscle and money, is the same: Security and protection

The good news is that we do not need to have an amount of money or large muscles to communicate that you’re an alpha male. Just need to learn to communicate through your behavior traits indicating that your you’re such a male, she is conditional on an instinctive level and subconsciously to respond to these signals.

Learn to behave like a male Alpha real, and not just some position, so you can introduce you to the circuitry of innate attraction of the brain of a woman.

This should work…… This is our adventure.

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