My Girlfriend Breaks And Want To Be My Friend – What Do I Do?

My Girlfriend Breaks And Want To Be My Friend

Consider this scenario .. Your girlfriend agrees with you. Breaks up with you. Take a deep breath, and when she mutters the dreaded phrase that no man wants to hear:

«Do not feel so, we can still be friends …»

His friend. That’s what you’re for it at this time. You are zoomed out much and as intimately as two people can possibly be, and so one day, your ex wants nothing derepente your friendship.

You can not be friends with your ex girlfriend.

Nor do you want to be his friend. Because any «friends» with an ex, a person always wants more to the other person. Whenever there are no reciprocal feelings when the relationship breaks down, because every break is a winner and a loser. ALWAYS.

It’s always fun when you hear someone talking about a break «mutual» agreement. This is false, no matter who breaks. In the end, there is always one person who said «it’s over», and the other person has to sit and pretend like you would agree, when in reality, that’s not true.

– How to handle being on the losing side of the breakup of a relationship.

Now that you realize that you are the «expelled» and your girlfriend «term», can go toward what you really want to do: restore the relationship with your ex. This is something only you can do it once you accept that ended your relationship, and you do not accept the «be friends» that’s rubbish.

Honestly, you want to get your ex girlfriend. But you want it in a new relationship; free list of all the shit that caused its disintegration. A relationship that allows them to start again, instead of going through the same problems as always.

Why Being friends with your ex never works?

There are many reasons why the fact of being friends after breaking up is bad, but let’s first take a look at what you really want your girlfriend. Ready? see:

* She wants the security of knowing that your ‘»is still there for her,» so it is easier to break up with you.

* She wants security, and ratifying their decision to break up with you.

* She wants to see you upset and discouraged, because it makes her feel as if she won when you broke.

* She loves to know you still love her while she remains at a distance, you broke safely.

When you get to be friends with your ex, yourself are indirectly giving her his comfort and ecurity.

You’re giving him a shoulder to mourn. An ear for when she wants to talk at any time if you feel sad or lonely, so you can give encouraged.

Keep friends means she will be sure to see NO date other people while waiting around it. And yes, she totally knows you are you still waiting for her.

Now what if you are already friends with your ex girlfriend?

Well .. You made the mistake of staying as friends with your ex girlfriend. What you do is simple: turn it to matter.

Yes, it is true: this is called dump friendship. You do not have to be a jerk about it, just Dejale of texting, stop calling and stop posting on his Facebook page.

And when she calls you? Do not answer those calls. Stop responding to your text messages, and when she starts with cute little messages like «Hey, you disappeared off the face of the earth?» ensure respond more silence.

The silence that she feels should be deafening. You must feel lonely. MAKE be surprised of how you left. And after a few days to do this, it responds with a single line of mystery: «Sorry, been busy.»

It is your duty to take care not because it reminds why: she’s not your girlfriend. Think about this: if you were to question what has been doing, she would take it as you are trying to spy on his way. Therefore, it receives the same treatment.

There are many different ways to attract your girlfriend, but most important is to first have a plan step by step. Do not act without knowing exactly how to handle the most common responses from your ex, and not knowing exactly what to say and do.

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