My Boyfriend Wants Their Space – What should I do?

My Boyfriend Wants Their Space

Of all the things that your boyfriend can tell you in relationship to «I need some space» is the most confusing. It’s when they suddenly feel nauseous. Thousands of things go through your mind, and bad things.

I did something wrong? Will it end the relationship? Did you find someone else? Thoughts like these revolve around your head, until everything gets out of control. Not thinking straight in this situation. Especially since you do not know exactly what you want your boyfriend.

My boyfriend wants her space, should I give?

When your boyfriend wants your space is not good. The truth is that yes, it could be thinking of ending the relationship. It is in a place where you do not feel 100% satisfied with things at this time.

CAUTION: I did not say that your boyfriend is unhappy. He could be happy and love your space, and this situation can be even more disastrous. Because if your relationship is going well, there is a good chance that your boyfriend might be trying to «space» as an excuse to be with another girl.

* The good thing he wants his space.

If your boyfriend wants to end the relationship all you have to do is break up with you. You can say things like «does not work» or «are not compatible» or always says «it’s not you, it’s me.» These phrases are when the relationship ends, this means that your boyfriend is thinking in solitude.

But if he said he needed space. O «breathing room.» O ‘time to think’. Maybe he wants you to say ‘we’re moving too fast’.

This is a double-edged sword. This is bad because your boyfriend is trying to get you to be in accordance with the theme of breaking. He wants freedom and possibly see other people, but want to be sure that you are still going to be waiting for him.

In other words, he’s being selfish.

But, the good news is that your boyfriend does not want to lose you completely. By playing with the ‘space’, he is trying to put you on hold. He still wants to see (though perhaps not for the moment). He still wants you to be available to talk, to send text messages, or even leaving.

* The downside to give her space to your boyfriend.

Well, as you know you still have feelings for you. That’s fine. But there are many ill to give her space to your boyfriend aspects when he requested, and you must understand what they are.

First, give your space is like giving a license to sleep with other people. If your boyfriend you claim to be unfaithful meant nothing because «they were not together.» You know it’s false, and indeed it does.

The other thing about accepting «I need room to breathe» is that the balance of power becomes 100% in their favor. Suddenly you’ve got no control, because you are giving space. He has the opportunity to be in the driver’s seat, because he decides when and what to do.

So what should I do if my boyfriend wants his space?

Well, this is what you should do – and what you should say – when your boyfriend says ‘leave me alone for a while’:

First and above all else, it must be strong. The worst thing to do is mourn or bother, and the worst you can do is beg or plead. If you behave well, you just give him full control. From there, whatever happens in your relationship everything will be their decision, not yours.

Secondly, you should not agree to its terms. He wants his space? Well, but you do not «give» space. And you must be aware of what you do – because you respect the relationship – and you respect yourself – to rest and wait for someone may or may not return with you.

When your boyfriend tells you he wants a little apart to think about things (or as he can express) while you say this:

«Yes, sorry, no. I do not agree. If you really feel that way, we will break their losses. Obviously you have some problems, and you’re running around in limbo while you decide to do.»

This is how you go from a bad situation better. It may be that your ex is removed, and then rethink the idea or call to see you on the break. If you do the latter, you must stand firm. You have to be able to let it all alone, and disconnect for a while.

Do not answer the phone, do not you check your email or Facebook … let it sink in your plan only failed. You realize that if you really want to do this anymore «I think we need a break» nonsense, he has a real chance of losing it forever.

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