My Boyfriend Left Me

My Boyfriend Left Me and I Do not Know What to Do. The solution!

There is no doubt that when your boyfriend decides to end up with you it would seem that a bucket of ice water fell on you. You feel confused, insecure… you fill with uncertainty and thousands of doubts assail you, tell me if I’m lying, do you?

Good friend, so you do not feel alone let me tell you that you are not the only one who goes through all this. In fact, I dare say that all women who have had to face a break have also gone through this situation.

So if you are tormenting yourself and telling yourself «My Boyfriend Left Me and I Do not Know What to Do» I want you to pay close attention to the following, as I will present you with a series of very effective secrets on how to win back a man.

But first let me put you in context…

When a woman ends a relationship, she must go through a series of steps necessary for her to recover her emotional balance and be able to take on the situation with the serenity that is required for her to recover her ex.

Most women are completely unaware of these stages and for that reason when they go through each of them they suffer a very strong impact. In this sense, I want you to be very clear that one of the first steps to recover from the break and prepare to return to your ex is just to know that these phases exist, to know that they are something natural and that they are simply necessary.

Now that you have this clear, let’s analyze each of the stages and prepare to face them properly:

My Boyfriend Left Me And I Do not Know What To Do … Here You Will Find The Solution

Without further ado let’s look at the stages I’m talking about to begin our learning process on how to win back a man…

1. Shock stage:

If your break is recent, possibly at this time you go through this stage, which is characterized because you experience a terrible disorientation and disbelief, as you feel that you wake up from a long sleep and suddenly the reality crashes with you.

Generally this stage does not go on for too long.

2. Penalty Stage:

In this phase you will have to face a great sadness caused by the loss you have suffered. During this stage you will begin to think that all the plans you had with your partner now do not exist … in your mind you will not see for yourself a future next to the person you love.

Likewise, you will feel that you even lose yourself and it is possible that at some point you will come to think that no one will ever love you again. In extreme cases some women have severe cases of depression (I’ll tell you how to prevent this from happening to you).

3. Stage of attribution of guilt and search of answers:

At this stage, you will feel the need to find an answer to a question that will haunt your head 24 hours a day «Who is the Fault?», «What would have happened if …?», Etc.

These questions can lead you to feel that life is committing an injustice with you and that in turn can even force you to look for culprits.

Usually this stage is presented simultaneously with the penalty.

4. Acceptance Stage:

Most women come to this stage having spent a long time having ended the relationship. Fundamentally, this phase is characterized by an acceptance of the end of the relationship. In certain cases this stage can be quite long.

You must know that accepting that the relationship ended is one of the necessary pillars to begin the process of reconquering your man … however, if you reach this stage after many months or even years after the relationship is over, your chances of winning back your ex will be getting smaller.

Therefore, in a moment I will let you know a highly effective psychological method to accept the end of the relationship quickly and thus maximize your chances of returning to your ex.

5. Stage of Reconstruction and Resolution:

This stage is the last one that women go through when they end a relationship. Its main characteristic features are:

– Active reconstruction of life.

– Suffering is left behind.

-The wounds are healing little by little

And finally it is decided to take a new direction…

Good friend, as you can see, many women without even realizing go through the different phases of the break and let time pass without doing something to recover the man they love … and in turn others try to do it but incorrectly causing their ex away more and more of them.

As the idea is that you can recover your man as quickly as possible, you must take these stages and handle them practically to your complete whim… I know it sounds difficult but in reality it is not.

So that you can master this and finally get back the man you love so much, I recommend you to review the electronic book Back with Him written by Andres Cazares, a recognized expert in couple and reconciliation issues that has helped thousands of women to return to their couples

Do you remember that before I told you that I would reveal the way to avoid falling into a depression and also to handle the stages of the break to your liking? … Well, all that and much more you can learn in this guide.

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