My Boyfriend Broke Up With Me What Do I Do?

My Boyfriend Broke Up With MeHere in this scenario we have a girl of 22 who had a relationship for almost four years. Like any other relationship, began with a look very happy and gradually flourished and grew.

She felt as if they were made for each other and that no one could separate them. However, four years later, things changed and the relationship gradually became nothing.

My boyfriend broke up with me, I should do …

Seeing that the relationship had no bearing, the boy decides to leave everything. She was devastated, but could do nothing more to say to his friends: «My boyfriend broke up with me

His friends certainly gave various tips. Some advised him to forget about it and move on, while others advised him to sit down and talk with him and give a second chance.

Basically, the uncertainty was increasing. She might reconsider the relationship and get back with your ex, but it would be like before? Do you have the same love, understanding, trust and loyalty? What if the break was the right decision? Would it be better to move on? What about just being friends?

Many times, we get caught up in these situations and do not know what to do. Well if you just broke up with your boyfriend and you wonder what to do, read on. Here I list the various situations in which you should or should not reconsider repair a past relationship.

Poor relations in fact do not deserve a second chance.

Relations at its best, is in its infancy seems better because they are new and exciting. However, as time continues to pass, the two get to know more.

This includes the personality traits of each person, their qualities, their behavior, habits and expectations for the future, both in life and relationship. Many relationships turn sour after the initial period of this and there are different reasons for this to happen.

Some relationships are manipulative and controlling (even becoming dominant). Your boyfriend treats you like he wants and expects you to follow him. In extreme cases, these relationships tend to become physical, mental and verbal.

I also heard women complain and say: «My boyfriend left me for another woman» or «My boyfriend broke up with me drinking a lot.» Some grooms prefer to have a purely physical relationship. Do not go beyond that and no place for feelings or emotions.

All these above are as bad relationships. It’s best to get rid of them. You love your ex boyfriend like crazy, and you may even be willing to forgive. But you have to see the truth and substance of these relations. Errors irreparable injury and begin a relationship definitely has no future.

«They want to be friends …» Forward.

The end of a relationship is not always bad, remember. There may be situations in which you and your boyfriend decide to separate because there is a lot of conflicting opinions between the two.

When together, you realize that things are not working and bienen best for both would be that everyone follow their own path. In such cases, there is nothing wrong with being friends.

So you can keep in touch with your ex boyfriend can plan trips together. This will give you the opportunity to review and analyze your past relationship mistakes and improve for the future.

They could talk about it, too (something that seemed impossible when your relationship was going through bad times). Being friends also help you overcome the pain of the breakup, because you have not lost everything.

«My boyfriend change. Should I try to get it back?» No.

The boys generally tend to seek another relationship quickly after breaking up with his girlfriend. If your child already has another girl, do not try to retrieve it. It will not work. Only you will convey despair and you can not live without it.

Instead, work on your confidence as a person and rebuild your confidence. Go ahead and find someone who really loves you for who you are and start a relationship.

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