Lust or Love Why Do You Want Your Ex Back?

Why Do You Want Your Ex BackIn a moment of reflection and sitting in your four walls, thinking and thinking about all the good times that you and your ex lived in the past. So now you mind rumbles on whether you should try to revive your old relationship. But first you have to consider whether is it lust or love that motivates you?. Here we examine why you want your ex back.

Why do you love your ex? …

Lust is certainly selfish desire to have your fantasies fulfilled by another person here just care about you. This has much to do with the attraction, but not always physical attraction. Some people are attracted by money, power and privilege. the idea of ​​lust embodies almost always get something, either physically, emotionally or materially.

Although in most cases, although there is a sexual element associated with something on lust. Not much about lust embodies the desire to fulfill the fantasies of another person. Actually, it’s not even really about the other person. It’s all about you!

Love is completely contrary to this, love is all about making the other person feel as good as you feel yourself. Typical unconsciously have a list of criteria that the character of a person must meet.

We all have things about us that we feel are inferior or different and this makes us feel attracted to a person who either characterize or understand the same things and somehow the revalued.

In a loving relationship, we feel compelled to reward those who show respect, as is subconscious list of criteria, we have a strong chemistry with the other person, and to some extent is physically attractive to us. While lust is selfish and custom, love is selfless and without prejudice.

What defines them that you love your ex? Do you want that person to bring back something in your life that you have not met and developed as it should be? Do you still feel this person deserves rewards for being and doing things for you? Could be a combination of both?

Why do you love your ex?…

No wonder your ex want you back so you feel good and have all the intentions to be both. The mixture of lust and love can be a perfect formula for success in your relationships. I mean really, who wants to have a relationship with someone who does not meet at least 80% of your fantasies? Hmm well I think anyone.

Make sure you know if it is lust or love (or both feelings) before going to seek a new relationship with your ex. If you realize you just hunger and thirst for this person so to speak, let him know in advance.

You do not lose anything by trying. But beware, if you realize it’s true love, you must confess your true feelings, see the advantages of getting back together and cross your fingers.

If instead you want to know how to get back with your ex and do not want to leave it to chance, is the only resource you need Reconnect with your ex. Thank you for reading this article.

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