Love Is All I Can?

Love Is All I Can? Since I have the use of reason, I’ve heard a thousand times by different means, the hackneyed phrase, «love conquers all», I confess that in my early teens seriously thought that this was completely true, and then not remember my first love, which winds and tides from paternal to me unfounded claims and worn tips on what a good girl should not be allowed.

Which grew tender flower in spring, and despite the advice of good manners and customs, as well as repeated recommendations, allowed all human wanted to give her love, but is just the eight months, no stranger ? Maybe it just was not love … because if it had been, would not have died, because if it had been, would have endured the hunt for my parents and the insults of their own and even an occasional infidelity, that love can do anything!.

Since adolescence ending with even the idea that love gave us a sort of magical power and indestructible hovering over my head, enhanced by Mexican telenovelas bathed in mucus and tears salty or catchy songs that incite to look up as much lost, I throw in search of love that can do everything, and I saw before me, the perfect ideal which overturn that need to prove the hypothesis that all the old bitter death destined to love.

A tip of kicks, punches, the occasional romp and infidelity, I asked myself if the idea of ​​love conquers all … first began to penetrate my light on the lessons of doubt it is everything due? Is there no more powerful force than love? So I was starting to sound like an absurd lie, but stubborn as any woman, I said, try again …

And young, with more knowledge around a bit I jumped into the pool to endure in the name of love many idiocies that make us feel the most perfect word in the world to send you a second hot hell contempt .. . but what love can do everything right? To endure unbearable conditions to endure painful caresses to sharing another, to forgive the unforgivable.

Now older, much older, and more hands by the way, my utopia residues of Love, with a faint idea of ​​love that conquers all, I launched a new adventure dogged not only be the victim but the victimizer of horrendous act when we embark start any relationship, and hurt ourselves, we cheat, mistreat us, we humble ourselves and forgive us … that love conquers all, and all-forgiving.

And after that exhausting battle … I see that my idea is next to bleeding perfect and I realize that at that moment that I look like both those old bitter that I said aloud: «Do not be silly girl, those are sonseras, and over time you will notice of how things really are. » I see myself reflected in them now and tell me …

When pain may spare ourselves in life if you just tell us something more real about love, «which is wonderful, but it hurts, sometimes dying without us realize and, more importantly, you definitely CAN NOT OVERCOME EVERYTHING.

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