Like really win back your ex

Like really win back your ex To get your ex back can be difficult at first, especially if separation was not pleasant. to start thinking that you have to do to get back again, you need to analyze some important points that will make you reflect on your situation and that way you’ll know that when you see the rejection or whenever a problem similar to those already experienced. no one wants in a relationship again present the same unpleasant situation that resulted in the separation. we all wish that upon return to our former, is in harmony and with the assurance that everything will go well.

I will point out some things you need to start thinking about making some decisions that are final to come back with your ex, this will help you improve your decisions.

Why the separation appeared with his former partner?

now that you find enough time to analyze the situation, you need to know the reason for separation. is very important to see the situation from another perspective, do not judge, you need to do with mind open to change and you should not blame anyone. you know what were the reasons for separation so you can see the mistakes that were made to not happen again. you must also accept and understand the mistakes made your ex are not perfect, we all make mistakes.

know will recognize your own mistakes and mature in the relationship or other relationship. that’s one way to help improve communication with your partner. when your partner shows you the mistakes you’ve made then you can respond safely and accept them. no need to answer with insults, because if you want to go back to your partner, you will have enough time to talk about what happened.

the conclusions we get will help you decide what to do long term, but for now just limit yourself to know how was the relationship before the break and whether it would be a good idea to go back or do everything possible to further improve the relationship.

must accept the separation at this time.

have reached an important point, because now you have analyzed the reason for separation. The next step is to recognize if it is important to do everything possible to win back your ex. decide if you continue doing everything possible to return and improve the relationship or decide to seek another relationship. I propose that for the moment accept that you’re separated from your partner. your ex can do what I wanted, no longer have any relationship at the moment and may no longer have it again. such thinking is just so that from now on celes not your ex will not control your ex, do not check where it is, and so on.

when we have not accepted the breakup, we believe that our former partner still belongs to us and we are awaiting information and we are concerned with who comes and where it goes. That way of thinking need to change because we hurt, we hurt. Therefore, we need to become aware that our ex has from now on complete freedom to make and break in your life. that does not mean we can do something to help us or our ex, we do not. is so that we’re not tight and we take our life better.

and enjoy some rest

life has to continue and improve your emotional state you need to stop calling your ex, do not you write, do not seek information from your ex, and so on. you should devote a little time, enjoy your friends and family, do what you like, seek to know best places and best people. improve your wardrobe or change the look. if you do this, you will have a better self-esteem, improve safety and will look more attractive or appealing to the eyes of others.

breaking all need time to continue. everyone should calm their emotions and psychologically stabilized. when one is separated, regularly make many mistakes that lead to a final separation. errors such as the beloved pursue, harass, beg, insist on going out again, and so on. regularly and the results are very bad, the greater the emotional tragedy. uncontrolled emotions are running high and make us to commit the worst decisions.

time went on, it’s time to act.

and spent several days, perhaps weeks. the contact was minimal or no contact. and things are more stable and it is time to decide what to do. if you took the decision to continue and improve the relationship, then it is time to talk to your ex. You are now a more mature person, a person who has acknowledged the errors and has a good safety and self-esteem. are no longer the person who caused the breakup, now you’ve learned from mistakes. it’s time to regain it.

is likely to be far more attractive / a as before, because it improves your look, you have control of your emotions and have more security. if you had not accepted the separation, you would be concerned / a mind to say, if what you say will help or hurt. your ex wants you to have security, you have matured, you have initiative and be able to manage your feelings. these points are important to regain it.

in the first communication with you must be happy and not insist on returning. do not talk about that point, maybe you can talk a little about some pleasant moments, but do not focus on them. just be yourself, find ways to please and do not try to fix anything at the moment. gradually going to improve the relationship and from now on will be more forthcoming. here are some tips to regain:

* Tries to make the place your ex. shows you have respect for him / her and give his place.

* Learn to be more friendly.

* Learn from past mistakes and reveals that you have learned.

* Improves your look and try to improve your appearance.

* Learns not to discuss how? understanding your partner. we all make mistakes.

* Improved communication: questions you like and dislikes. that will make you feel more important.

* Gives the opportunity to speak. all want to be heard.

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