Learn To Solve Problems With Your Partner Or Ex-Partner!

Solve Problems With Your PartnerCouples should not necessarily agree on everything and the fact that at times have disagreements does not mean that the relationship is lost.

On the other hand, it is logical that not always match or think the same way and these situations are an excellent opportunity to meet and express how we feel not quite hide anything.

Solve Problems With Your Partner.

On the other hand, when the fights are constant, it is very common to forget the positive qualities that the other person.

When a discussion occurs in a partner, we are more annoying, it is important that we recognize that the main protagonist of the discussion is the argument. Everything that references ironies, taunts, jeers and insults has nothing to do with the discussion.

The best way to solve a discussion is to learn to dialogue with fundamentals. Each party must be able to explain their views in an objective manner. In this way, they will ensure to have a discussion based on respect and be more likely to find a solution.

What we must avoid in discussions couple.

When the words are used in a discussion become destructive, the best you can do is stop the discussion and leave it for another time. Thus both members of the couple have enough time to calm down.

In addition another question you have to consider is that the couple fights usually start with a theme and ends arguing about something completely different. It is very important that when you and your partner maintain a discussion avoid deviating from the original topic.

To find a solution to discussions couple, it is very important that they be aware that should not be kept those feelings that cause discomfort, because in this way, when a period of tension generated, will surface all the hassles together and end up arguing for anything.

How to handle a discussion couple.

• Both members of the couple must be clear and honest, say what they think and what they feel is much better than criticizing the other person.

• Try to talk staring eyes and holding hands. A look can say very different from the words spoken things.

• Never try to convince the other person is wrong or try to alter your perception. The best solution is to seek a settlement respecting and accepting the perspective of each.

• The solution is not to sleep in separate rooms or stop talking. It is essential to deal with conflict.

• Although both feel angry and upset, respect is fundamental. Avoid faltarse respect, since for a relationship to flourish, mutual respect is one of the major premises that must be met.

• Stop teasing, recriminations and ironies aside. The words «never» and «always» will not help solve the conflict, but further exacerbate the discussion.

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