Keys so that they fall in love you

conquistala Claves para que se enamore de ti

We will reveal you today, some and the best secrets kept in our times, and are… 10 keys to make that girl is madly enamore de ti. Grab paper and pen, and point all the keys mentioned below, it is not going to any extent:

Willlook after your personal image, if not the MI she think that you are a «zamanfou» and for easygoing-we already had enough with our former (TOdes women have an ex, who was a native) and having one and it is enough and we left. We hate the men who are not cared for, or who have the type of social damage: If you depilas you are mariquita… Those we dislike. So take off those ideas reactionary your mass of gray matter, if what you want is a stable relationship. If you want a dust you not andes with rodeos, tell us no more.

Have perfume, please. Women like fix us and take care of us but we also like our man, friend spice or temporary companion, appears a pleasant scent, that awaken our senses and excite our bowels. The economic issue is no longer an excuse, there are for all the budgets. And if your pockets are so empty that not you get to one, you can always use one of your father, passing by the perfume and throw you some sample or even check out to see a friend with an absurd an excuse to throw you a bit of her perfume.

You do not infravalores, thinking about nonsense like that you’re not good enough for us. Get the idea that it doesn’t matter how good you are, the good things we are clothing, handbags, perfumes, watches etc. Of a man, we need only be: caring, attentive, understanding, friendly, romantic, sincere, faithful, educated, persevering, tenacious, handsome, strong, stylish, Nice, gentlemanly, good friend, good lover, clean, ordered, friendly etc. etc….

Avoids phrases throw, such that it seems that you the left scored your grandmother in the manga that you say them during the first appointment. It seems that you have imagination and ideas propias… if you have money happens nothing, we can like equal. If your bank account this empty, absten better you say phrases throw.

Lastly and this should tell ya… Give us the reason at all. If we take the opposite bothers us, we ofuscamos we and up you hate.

Today’s post has been a little funny, and motivate people to laugh a little. I hope that you have been nice.

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