It conveys confidence, I know an interesting man

Know and be informed of issues of the day gives us several topics as possible to engage in a conversation. To be an interesting man is need not necessarily be attractive, but to speak, have trust and confidence in what we say and do.

A woman feels attractive man who is able to develop in any environment and that stands out from others. Imagine how many men in a night attempt to tackle a girl and all with the same phrases or intentions. Detail is to distinguish yourself from the rest and address women but with other intentions disguise them at least a little until the right moment. Your interest for it, give a compliment, but not one common as the famous beautiful eyes you have. But something that is not expected as nice shoes you have.

This subconsciously, tell something goes hey with this man. And to distinguish yourself from the rest and be someone of interest will open to you and will be willing to give you some time.

Technical to become a man safe and interesting:
Without a doubt, trust is important. But the real key is to fight your own insecurities. There lies the true power.

-Makes a list with all the things that make you feel unsafe. Inserting things like «Earn little money», «Use a dreadful car», «I definitely am a man ugly…»

The next step will be to accept every one of these things. From already, so it may be a little easier to do it, but without a doubt, it is possible. Think about a situation in which, being with a woman, would appear the aspect that makes you feel unsafe. Imagine that she wants to know about your way to earn a living, and you feel insecure because you are not able to win what you really want.

Now, realize that your way of making you life is your way of doing this, and if she does not like, then has nothing to do on your side. Not worth making problem by this point.

Then imagine another aspect which bothers you, and how responderías to it. Do the same with the whole list. Learn to laugh of the things that make you feel unsafe.


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