I Lost My Jealous Woman What To Do To Recover?

I Lost My Jealous Woman What To Do To Recover?Your relationship is ending, or she has decided to definitely get away from you.

Your jealousy is the main problem, choke and told you that it is impossible to keep it that way.

Listen; first jealous by your partner or to the one you love is normal to some extent.

Jealousy they kill a relationship. Those obsessive, in which you lose control of the situation and you can not stop. Such jealousy is unhealthy.

Analyze things objectively, studies show that women have or are jealous type «Emotional», ie the fear that your partner loves another addition or her person. And men are jealous like «Sex», the fear that she is intimate with another man or another sexually desired.

Effective control when your jealousy to get your woman techniques.

1. First you must analyze yourself where they come from your jealousy. Your behavior and your attitudes are the result of all your past experiences. Being able to identify exactly where, when and how it was to be unleashed for the first time this type of conduct in your life will help you get to the root of the problem.

Think and remember when was it the first time you felt jealous of the other person as irrational and passionate ?. Maybe one partner was unfaithful happened to you, or you witnessed in your household infidelities primary (parent).

Once you find the time in your life, you must think of it as something that can not hurt you now, is out of you, away from you. And those memories can not hurt you anymore. It is important to understand that your life not because you have hurt others siéndote cheating, all the women in your life will do the same.

2. There is nothing better than a mirror, so that you realize how irrational and silly that can become your behavior. If you are the type of men who called every five minutes asking where this or you’re doing. Try it and ask your partner to do the same with you. Very soon you will notice how irritating and annoying it is. This gesture will also see to it that you are looking to understand and put yourself in their shoes.

3. If you think that every minute of the day, you are not with her, the men will harass or hint. Meet her occasionally and pay attention to how people interact with it. And especially as she is respected. That will prove that things are not as you create them. It is a trick to befriend his friends, meet the people who frequent. Being more in their social life and meet the people he frequents, they will make you feel calmer.

4. This is very important: She is not to blame for your jealousy. Jealousy is mostly insecurity and lack of self confidence. This may sound like hard; but you must understand that you feel inferior or disadvantaged compared to men or your competition.

Tips to control jealousy of man.

– Think that your partner loves you as you are. He had his reasons for choosing you and be with you: Learn to value yourself as a person, as an individual man. I’m sure you have many qualities and those she fell in love.

– Be an active personal life: Develop your hobbies, spend time with friends. Dedicate yourself and do the things you like, rather than your whole life revolves around your relationship.

– Cultivate your relationship: it strengthens the ties that bind, share time together, special moments for both. Communication and long conversations make relationships last longer. A strengthening of the feelings and mutual understanding as it happens.

These are simple tips, simple to apply. It is a change of attitude and mentality. Realizing first that she is not your property, it is an independent being. Remember the parable of the man who had a bird in the hand ?.

It’s a matter of will and generate habits. Your wife or ex will realize that you’ve changed and give you a second chance.

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