I I Love You, But I’m Just In Love With You!

But I'm Just In Love With YouBut … How can you not love me? This is the biggest question. And I hope to help provide you with a logical response to what has left many women wondering, «Where have I failed?»

Probably months later you are still frustrated and hurt by the break, the thought of the last two weeks in your mind, playing some discussion, anything to try to figure out what you did to cause their rejection.

Women, it has nothing to do with the woman he is with!

Understand, men are also human. Now, that may not mean much to you, but it should be. They have dreams, they worry and get frustrated just like you! And also have the fear of ending up in relationships that lack the passion and recognition that we all seek. Men also want love and support relationships.

That kind of love that mentioned above is what is «expected». But there is an angle for men to be addressed and that involves «attraction.»

Men like the way you do feel and guess what? Obviously, you want more. But as time passes the relationship became «routine» more unpredictable things were happening in the relationship with one of the two. Fewer surprises, less special weekends. This time has passed so has their feelings. Both are feeling now, poor thing, that connection and attraction has failed!

So when a man says, «I no longer feel» or «I want but no love for you anymore,» which is really saying is this:

«There was a time when the emotional and physical attraction was there … I’m not really feeling a lot of emotional appeal to you more. My head and my heart are telling me that there is something missing, and I can not change it or fix it . »

Did you understand the last part of your answer? He does not know how to change it – and if I knew could possibly correct, but not have the manual on «how and what to do.» And you must know how you can get to connect and commit!

OPTIONS!. You may prefer to remain in a state of denial, you refuse to accept the fact that he feels that way or you can choose to «accept» the situation and choose what to do about it! Suppose you decided to do something about it then you have some suggestions.

1. Stop concentrating on the negative!

The downside would be, what does not. The more you focus on the negative will receive more of the same! Remember, you are trying to give back to this situation. Of course you are hurt and angry, but remember that pain and anger you can only see a negative! Start projecting this positive energy to the man, he will feel the energy and respond!

2. A small room will do much in your heart!

Women, men need the space to try to identify what is wrong in them, give him this space! And while you’re at it, Give yourself a bit you too! At this time, men will move beyond the doubts and fears, and begin to regain clarity again. Women, it is important to keep your emotions under control during this time of separation.

3. If it worked the first time just repeat!

I’m talking about creating attraction and re-connecting again! Ask been through this before with your man, you have the tools you need to inspire the same level of closeness again! Simply put in place new and unpredictable things in the way you relate to him.

Yes, your man can become physically and emotionally attracted to you again, you will be unpredictable again, and when you mix these two ingredients cause a strong emotional attraction!

The next time you hear these words: «Not only am I in love with you», you know exactly how to respond and most importantly, how to recover your true feelings!

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