How to Write Message To Your Ex (and make you miss)

How to Write Message To Your Ex

If you want to make your ex miss you through simple messages, then in fact you have to read this article very carefully.

Make your ex miss you is something that can be really difficult, especially through some simple messages. What you have to do is have a little imagination and think of your posts to generate passion and love ….

How to write messages to your ex..

I’m assuming that you are following my advice to this point. You’ve been keeping your mind clear of your ex for about 30 days, have you been eating well, exercising and practicing new hobbies. Even you’ve been seeing other people.

After a period of 30 days, you may have sent him a message icebreaker to get the conversation as I said in my last article. But now, you really should make conversation, and ultimately, you must set a date!

Before sending another text message to your ex boyfriend ex girlfriend, you have to make it appear that the reason that you send messages first is because you want to be friends, nothing more.

If your ex has the feel or suspect you search for something else, then he or she is going out faster than you can say I want to get back with my ex!

So you have to do is invoke the thought of a happy moment that you lived in your relationship.

Think of a time when you and your ex spent a very happy time. Was a field trip to province? Was a trip to Europe? Maybe this time they spent a picnic at the edge of the mountain?

Remember something that was fun and exciting for you. Now what you need is subtly take the time to your ex. Do not make it obvious to try to invoke these feelings, of course. Here I give you a quick example of what I’m saying …

«Remember the time we had that wonderful picnic in the mountains? I just saw a post in the same location that day!»

Or something like that …

«That game last night reminded me of the hockey game we went in February. Now, that was fun!»

Saying something as simple as that, you’ll get your ex think about many things – how it looked that day, how it smelled, how it sintia .. and ultimately, it will agree to the feelings he or she had to you.

Returning the clock back and reminding your ex that he was attracted to you, you are going to do a good job and you’ll be much more effective in your efforts to set up an appointment with your ex in the future.

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