How To Win The Heart Of a Woman, Tips To Ensure Success!

How To Win The Heart Of a WomanThe following tips on how to win a woman’s heart will be useful for those who want to conquer a woman or maintain a good relationship with your current partner.

10 Tips that will guarantee success.

1. If you just got out of a relationship, take time to reflect and heal. Do not rush into a new relationship to prevent the pain and emptiness to surface with this new person. Think about which ideas or behaviors must change to get different results next time.

2. Never say «see you there» when you start dating a woman (except for the first informal invitation to a coffee), because you will lose points for not being chivalrous.

3. Do not rush to say «I love you» and always halágala, especially during the first months. Keep the mystery. In addition, the lust you feel can fade quickly when you realize that you have nothing in common with that woman. Do not feed false hopes of a woman and you play with your heart before you really know what you feel about her.

4. Do not pretend to be the perfect man, only to take her to bed and then disappear in the morning, a week or a month, without explanation. That’s manipulation, and is a very cruel way to treat a woman. Never play with the emotions or the heart of a woman, for your benefit.

5. Do not bring your girlfriend or partner to a movie and fall asleep in the middle of the function.

6. If you take your girlfriend or partner for breakfast or lunch and not spend all your time reading the newspaper or talking on the phone because it is very disrespectful. Values ​​the time spent together and is useful to talk to her. Remember, conversation is one of the main roads into the heart of a woman.

7. If you’re watching something on TV unimportant and not turn away the opportunity to talk with your wife. If you’re watching something important, then ask if you can wait until the program ends.

If you can not wait, very carefully and politely tell him you’ll be there for them when they reach commercial, or when the program ends. Always pay attention to it, if not, she will feel hurt. If it is urgent, you have to sacrifice your program.

8. Sea or along the beginning of a relationship, do not hide where you’re going, or things you do daily. No need to share every minute with your partner, but if you want the relationship to last, you should share your life and your friends with your wife, so she would not feel left out.

9. Remember that first impressions are very important when you meet a woman. Watch your body language and stay upright. Be sure of yourself and honest, relax and have fun.

10. When you’re in a relationship, always tell your partner how good it looks. Halágala by the things he does, for his skills and attributes. Always do this, no matter how long they have together. However, these words must come directly from your heart, if not, will be a waste of time.

As you can see, the tips are very simple to apply and this will win the heart of the woman you’ve always wanted.

These apply to those who go for a new conquest or wish to maintain your current partner, but what if you want to win back your former partner?.

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