How to Win Back Your Ex Girlfriend (Even If She Do not Want to Talk)

How to Win Back Your Ex Girlfriend

Most of the tips you can find on the internet about how to get your ex girlfriend tell you at least be willing to answer the phone when you call. But what are you supposed to do if she does not even want to talk? Here I will give you some ideas:

How to get your ex back.

1. You must let him know you’re there.

Surely you read or heard the advice that if you want to know how to make your ex girlfriend back, the quickest way is causing her jealousy into thinking you’re dating other girls. The truth is that this can be a double-edged sword for you.

Even if she was starting to miss you, if she finds out you’ve started dating other women, going to assume that you do not feel anything for her. It is important that you make sure that mutual friends know you’re still single.

2. Use the time to improve yourself.

Of course, I miss being available does not mean you have to stay at home waiting for the phone to ring all day. Instead of spending your energy looking for new women, invest that time improve yourself .

Especially if you got out of a relationship that lasted a long time, it is best to take some time for yourself doing something that will improve your confidence as a man, either learn something new or just spend more time doing the things you love. Your ex is going to realize you can live without it, and this is one of the keys to regain his love.

3. Write to your ex girlfriend an honest letter.

Do not make a phone call, do not send him an email, no text messages – hand write a real letter. Maybe this is an old method to get your ex girlfriend, but very few women not open a handwritten letter. That means that at least have the opportunity to explain how you feel about her.

Although it is best to tell you everything in your own words , if you really feel like you ‘d know not what to say, find a friend to help you if you can not do.

4. If you get to talk to her, keep it short.

When you can have a chance to talk to her again, keep a good mood and optimistic. Do not start apologizing for everything you ‘ve done wrong, or ask him to come back to you, or talk about what caused the breakup.

Instead, give signals to see you again it will be fun and will not happen any discussion or talks about the strong relationship. If possible, you should make her laugh ! you’re going to get her guard down and take some bad feelings about the breakup.

If you really want to know how to get your ex girlfriend, even if she will not answer your phone calls, you can be sure that you can certainly do.

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