How to Use Non-Contact Rule To Get Your Girlfriend

How to Use Non-Contact Rule To Get Your GirlfriendSo you have a big problem, right? Your girl is gone and you do not know why. The saddest thing is that when a relationship ends, was maturing for a while. When the woman leaves the man, then the problem has been brewing for a long time. Only man had no idea, and she has been more and more furious.

Using the no contact rule

Most of the guys and chase after the break perseguien. This is the opposite of what you should do. This will only make things worse. The truth is that she wants nothing to do with you. If you do not show up you will even show you are very well without it, this could generate tremendous results.

The reason is that while she is getting more and more upset with you, you’re still around. She really can not imagine what it would be without you. And part of it wants to suffer. That is human nature. When someone does something, we want some kind of justice.

But when you keep living your life, even having fun doing so, something strange happens. She will start to wonder if maybe she was the problem, not you. She will begin to re-live all those experiences that cause emotional pain and suffering, and wonder if it really was the cause.

And a couple of funny things happen when we remember these events. We started to see things differently. We might even think that we would have liked to have done something different.

When this happens, you have to be completely without bias. When and if she contacts you, you have to welcome him, but you do not. You must be happy to know it, but you can not seem completely happy.

The no contact rule is a powerful weapon to win back your girlfriend

And do not talk of any fault or blame, nothing. Forget the past, and focus on the future. Of course, just after the break, all I want to do is get in touch with her and defend your case.

You have to be completely without contact. No emails. Call no. Not even send messages to friends in common. Just give it time to think, and miss you. If you do not admit any guilt, only serve to reinforce their ideas, and will hate you more.

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