How to Treat Premature Ejaculation Naturally

How to treat premature ejaculation is not complicated, you just have to have the correct information and above all a guide that guides you step by step everything you have to do to eliminate this problem once and for all.

Here I am just going to give you some guidelines that you can follow so that you also learn how to treat premature ejaculation naturally without medication, without taking viagra or levitra.

Home Remedies for Treat Premature Ejaculation.

1.- Massage the penis with mustard oil.

The massage is used so that we can improve the circulation of the blood in any part of the body as well as to stimulate the muscles.

When adding mustard oil to the massage gives a warming effect that could help in the dilation of the blood vessels in order to improve circulation.

This is one way that can help you how to control premature ejaculation naturally. To do the massage you only have to add 5 to 10 drops of mustard oil in one ounce of sesame oil. Use gentle strokes.

2.- Green onion seeds for treat premature ejaculation.

Try to extract the green onion seeds and then mix it with a glass of water. Take this mixture as a drink, it will be very useful in how to treat premature ejaculation naturally.

3.- Avoid these foods before having intimate relations.

Avoid eating breads, cakes, eggs, snacks, tea, coffee and hot things before intercourse. These foods will make a person this excited making him more prone to premature ejaculation (especially in men who are already suffering from this problem).

4.- Ginkgo biloba for treat premature ejaculation.

This is one of the great herbs for treat premature ejaculation that consuming it one of its functions is to increase blood flow to all parts of the body, with this a man’s concentration, memory and alertness can improve noticeably.

Another benefit of consuming this herb, is that it helps with sexual stamina and could improve erections.

5.- Almond milk.

Considered as one of the home remedies for premature ejaculation. To make it more effective I recommend that you add «saffron» (natural aphrodisiacs for men).

The ingredients you need are:

. 10 almonds

. 1 cup hot cow’s milk

. saffron

. A pinch of ginger

. A pinch of cardamom

All you need to do is soak the almonds all night with water. The next day, you remove the peel and mix it together with the milk and other ingredients.

You can drink this almond drink every morning. It is one of the natural aphrodisiacs for erection that functions as a natural viagra.

As you can realize, how to treat premature ejaculation naturally is possible and can be combated in various ways and best of all in a natural way without affecting your health.

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