How to Strengthen Your Relationship Before Asking For Help

How to Strengthen Your RelationshipAs a counselor in relationships often ask me if they need counseling. Perhaps they feel that among couples who have distanced or maybe already is final. Maybe you have a crisis in your relationship and are now considering marriage counseling. For example: to try to overcome the betrayal and infidelity.

How to strengthen your relationship…

As with everything in life, you’ll benefit from advice – depends. Depends on what you both are interested in finding a solution. It is not uncommon to notice that a couple made the decision to move forward unconscious.

It depends on how well you can listen to your partner, you have the power to make changes. It depends on your environment and the support you have around you. In conclusion, since every relationship is unique answer to the question is that couples therapy is unique.

There are things you can introduce into your life and I definitely can help strengthen life with your partner.

Try to be honest and open with your partner, try not to assume that your partner know how you feel. If you’re upset or angry dicelo. Sometimes, even as adults, we are in a bad mood with the hope that we wonder why we are. In counseling everyone needs to be honest about your feelings and take responsibility for their actions and feelings.

In developing this first point, try not to be critical or crtitica directly, for example, «never do the dishes» you attack the other person and he gets defensive. «I’m upset because I have to wash the dishes, even though I asked for help» make a positive response and invites a way to solve the problem.

How to strengthen your relationship … Learn to communicate

Part of going to couples therapy is to learn to communicate. Honestly say how you feel about what is happening between you. The counselor will help giving you a framework for communication and is to create a means to clarify and ask about what each partner is saying.

Of course, couples therapy is not a refuge, part of the goal is to improve your relationship with long-term problems and therefore do not dispose between you and your partner but find a mechanism to resolve these problems. Many realize that counseling for strengthening the relationship is the catalyst that helped improve the relationship for the better. 🙂

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