How to Stay Being Friends With Your Ex

How to Stay Being Friends With Your Ex

The question that all people in this situation are asking is, how to stay friends with your ex after a bad breakup.

How to stay friends with your ex.


In most relationships, couples come together not only as lovers or husbands, but also as friends. Enjoy talking to each other, laughing together and sharing secrets and create romantic memories. But what happens when the romance is over?

Let me tell you that romance can be completed even in the happy and healthy relationships. Unfortunately, it can cause deterioration of a relationship or even a break. This is a double blow that hurts. You lose your lover and your friend at the same time.

Instead of having these evening appointments and making love with your partner, you end up with extensive talks bitter and hurt feelings. So how can you keep up the friendship with your ex?

Keep friendship after ending a relationship: Is it possible?

We’ve all seen as great relationships end in hate each other, pull down the toilet friendship, along with everything else. The friendship may have been beautiful in the relationship, but now can not have a simple conversation after breaking bad shape.

A party may still want to maintain friendship, while the other party does not want to talk about it. Or one party wants to retry the connection, while the other claims to be friends is the only option. So how can you avoid this sad trend?

What do you need to be friends with your ex?

1. Two people with the same goal. For starters, a friendship requires two people thinking the same thing. If you try a friendship when your ex is not ready, all you are going to cause bad arguments and pushing the other person further.

That’s exactly the opposite of what you want to achieve. Even if they have been best friends when they were together, you need a lot of patience to develop a friendship after a bad breakup.

Do not let anxiety or anxiety they run when what you really need is space to cool. Time to miss each other and begin the process of forgiveness is needed. Only then can former partners working in the construction of a platonic relationship.

2. Reconnect with your ex patiently. After being separated for a time, prepare to get in touch with your ex. But do not expect things to be like before. At the beginning, you will not be able to hang out together in that favorite or spend hours on the phone as they used instead.

Maybe now the conversations are brief. One way to begin this talk is through a simple or send an email preguntadole you are doing text. The message is short and sweet, note that the idea is to just start a simple conversation.

3. Do not remember the past. Once you have progress in talks with your ex, maybe you’ll be tempted to refer to matters causron rupture. Unless you give a disulpa you to your ex, this is a very bad idea.

Focus on today, it helps you avoid discussions that could threaten the future as friends. Talk to him about something interesting and positive is happening in your life. If a difficult subject appears, change the talks as quickly as possible.

To stay still friends with your ex last thing you should do is cause more bad feelings.

4. Talk to him your goals. Remember to keep communication open and make sure both are on the same target. If one of you or both want to get back together, you should discuss at the right time and in the right way.

If one of you has doubts about friendship, I talk it is equally important. With such a delicate theme is friendship, decisions must be taken not to have counterproductive effects at the end. You should avoid hurting others and focus on a common goal.

It does not work for everyone, but it is possible for exes to become friends. It takes time, understanding, forgiveness, and (especially) patience.

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