How To Solve Relationship Problems Today

A good name of surveys reveal that when a couple has 1 to 3 years of courtship or marriage everything is going great and we can say that relationship problems are scarce, but as time goes by, enters the stage of 4 and 7 years and begins to live an environment full of conflicts, fights, complications and incidents that make the relationship increasingly fragile and unstable.

Encompassing all this, it is correct to say that a couple crisis is being experienced and then we decided to confront it and a question arises: how to fix the couple’s relationship problems? There are different effective ways of acting, the best example, couples therapy.

There are different professional types who are experts in problems with the couple, since all the elements that make up the couple have to be analyzed. When a couple decides to face their problems, they have to open themselves psychologically to understand the obstacle and find the best way possible. the solution.

Many experts apart from lectures and other advice go beyond the broad spectrum of solutions for problems in the couple and promote the change of total life, that is, the couple has to change many things in their day to day so that everything is come back more serene and stable.

Common causes that cause relationship problems.

The objective is to offer solutions for the crisis and the couple’s problems and to learn not to avoid conflicts or to pass them, but to know how to treat them and try to eliminate them if possible.

In life, as well as in love, the problem can be caused by many causes, we analyze the most common causes and the most frequent which affect in marital crises.

The relationship over the years becomes monotonous: something that is more than proven is that when the relationship has a range between 4 and 7 years everything becomes common, everyday and monotonous that destroys slowly destroys it until a wave of problems Suddenly they explode.

Within a marriage to reach this amount of years is a great achievement but the couple has to be careful not to be affected by time, we have to try to change the routine to create surprise within the relationship, it is usually advised to leave the routine , plan vacations to a new place or perform new activities to get out of the monotony.

The birth of the first child: be a relationship between young people between 16 and 22 years old, few people are prepared to be a father or mother (there are always exceptions, of course) and often the euphoria of arrival of the first child is combined with frustrating situations cause couple problems.

A newborn needs attention which will take time away from the parents, the sleeplessness of the children begins, which generates small family conflicts caused by not sleeping well, many experts recommend in this situation to seek the help of a trusted person to help with the care of the children and so the couple is released a little pro-maternal stress.

Unemployment, diseases, problems of others: touching conflicts more unrelated to the relationship combine the case of unemployment or illness which causes stress and anger in the relationship, so it is advisable to assist a professional psychologist specializing in this type of crisis to reduce and counteract these problems.

Tips to solve the problems of couples.

Then I point out some simple tricks that you can carry out to try to solve your relationship problems. They are quite concrete and easy, but you should sit down with your partner to talk about whether you really want to put them into practice or not:

1. Break the monotony: The first of the tips to solve problems of a couple is, of course, to break the monotony. Since monotony is one of the biggest problems that couple relationships face, being able to change the daily routine contributes to the relationship regaining some of the magic it lost over time.

2. Introduce couple games: The couple games contribute, on the one hand, to that you realize the good relationship you have (although you have stopped noticing them with time), and, on the other hand, will help to strengthen the ties you have. In addition, they are also positive to break with the routine and introduce new ways of relating.

3. Take a time: Sometimes, the best way to overcome a crisis in a relationship, is to agree on a time for each one. It is not a break as such, but a time in stand by, so that each one can think if he is really well with his partner or not. This may seem painful, and, in fact, it may be painful, but the results are usually very positive.

4. Moving: Although it is not available to everyone, moving to another place for a while is also a very good way to solve problems of a couple. There is no major change in routine to start living elsewhere, and, therefore, is the most effective way to break the monotony.

5. Surprise: In the course of monotony and routine, surprises can also help very positively to solve this problem. You may not be able to move or you can not change the usual routines you have, but there is always room to offer surprises of a very different kind. Keep this option in mind, because, although it is not the best, it will always be a good help.

6. Do not be 100% emotional, or 100% rational: In many cases, the problems of a couple comes because they are not discussing or facing a problem from the same plane. The girl, in general, tends to confront them emotionally, while the boy tends to do it from the rational. To solve this type of problem, the most advisable thing is to get everyone to give up a little, because both aspects are important in a relationship.

7. Set aside the demands: It is also common for relationship problems to come from one of the parties is very demanding with the other. It is important not to be so demanding, since, in theory, you fell in love with the person as he was, and it is not fair to try to make her change (especially when, sometimes, not even you are contributing to the relationship what you are demanding the other person).

8. Improved communication: A technique that may seem stupid but has a scientifically proven effectiveness, is to use half an hour a day compulsory to speak. Whoever is reading will say: «But if I talk much more than half an hour a day with my partner».

Yes, but we are talking about having half an hour that is exclusively to talk, without doing anything else. You would be surprised at everything that can come out in a conversation of this kind.

9. Realize that there is no longer love: Obviously, this should be the last point, since whenever the relationship can be saved it is convenient to do so. However, sometimes, problems arise as a couple because, simply, love has ended.

In these cases, the best solution is to break the relationship in good manners, so that it does not continue to harm both of you. The biggest problem will be in recognizing the failure, but, once it is assumed, both of you will be happier.

As you can see, relationship problems are normal and have a large number of possible causes. However, they can also be solved relatively easily. I recommend that, if you want to maintain the health of your relationship, put into practice the advice I have given you.

Would you like to know how to solve relationship problems with your partner?

You are probably wondering how I can know so much about this subject, but the truth is that everything I have learned has been given to me by experience.

I have gone through different types of boyfriend and couple problems (infidelities, unsatisfactory sexual relations, too much protection, etc.) and after a long period of time I think I have really understood how to find the balance and the solution to couple problems.

I have always liked to help other people, so everything I have learned I have embodied in a book that I myself entitled «Solve the problems of a couple.» Do you want to discover more about my method to finally enjoy a healthy and lasting relationship?

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