How to Recover Your Ex Without Extreme Tactics

How to Recover Your Ex Without Extreme Tactics

Using dramatic techniques, the shock and awe tactics that give to get your ex can not produce the result you want.

Your efforts could fail and over can have a tremendously negative effect, so your ex can resist having another meeting.

A more subtle approach may be necessary and even should be vital, a gentle touch can allow your ex feel like it was his idea to miss back together again.

How to get your ex without extreme tactics..

In The Phantom of the Opera, Christine when she sings makes it look easy heal a broken heart, «Think of all the things we share and we have seen, do not think things could have happened.» Christine is an expert using nostalgia as a powerful psychological tool.

How can you use it effectively in your ex? For doing your best to recreate the memories using all your senses. The more you can put your ex in those wonderful moments, the more your ex will wonder why you ended.


The smell is the sense most closely linked to memory. The fact of using a perfume or cologne when you are near your ex can give good times reminding a subconscious signal.

The sound.

It’s easy to remember exactly what they were doing when they first heard that wonderful song. You must ensure that he or she hears the melody that sounded the first time they made love, when they shared a dance, or when they were traveling together.

The view.

Remember the old TV shows or movies that they both shared is a simple tactic that may seem innocent enough. The idea is to let him in time to remember those cases that touched the heart of him or her.

Other tactic to get your ex is Touch.

A simple touch of your hand to touch the arm could evoke those old feelings. Touch his arm making references to those moments in time when they were together can bring back that feeling of warmth felt.

The flavor.

If you cook well, or if the two share a bite to eat at a romantic restaurant perhaps, the fact of mention quickly food can easily make him hunger is among you.

The memories and emotions are closely linked. Sometimes that can work for us. You sure you’ve had an argument and you were angry, anger only takes a bad memory to light, although it was long ago.

During a fight, sometimes it can seem impossible to remember one good thing about the other person. But the memories that are linked to positive emotions can have that effect snowball as easily.

The fact to remember a loving or romantic moment can easily bring to mind another good memory, and another, until your ex may be reflecting the good times on their own.

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