How To Recover Your Ex Using Jealousy

How to Recover Your Ex Using Jealousy: Tips To Get With Your Ex Boyfriend

Do you want to know how to recover your ex using jealousy? Making your ex jealous is one of the quickest ways to get your boyfriend’s attention after a breakup. The best time to do this is immediately after breaking, when he still follows your movements.

You might think that he has moved to greener pastures and he has forgotten their relationship, however, he, in fact, keeps an eye on the way you deal with the breakup. She wants to see you depressed; It gives you that ego boost that you are looking for and that shows you that you are still loved.

There are several ways to make your ex jealous. However before doing so, I must warn you that this strategy can sometimes be dangerous. Using jealousy as a means to force your way back into a relationship that your ex-boyfriend really does not want will simply result in another breakup.

Remember that your ultimate goal is to return with your boyfriend … not cause pain and harm to the extent that you can not forgive or forget what you did.

The following methods can be used to cause jealousy in your boyfriend’s mind, but keep in mind that you do not want to play any important games with him. Mental games, or any form of manipulation of your emotions will cause disgust with which you will have to deal later.

Method One: Do not give importance to breaking – This is really the best technique. It’s about continuing with your life immediately and going over your break as if it never happened. Do not fight against your boyfriend right after breaking up with you.

In fact, you agree with him and walk away smiling. Actually get out and take your ex out of your mind. You should party as if you had been released from prison because the more you have fun and the more visual it is, the more chance you will have to return to it. Even he can try to contact you or call you. Do not answer. In the same way, do not call your ex, or send him texts or emails.

This method will drive your ex boyfriend crazy if it is done well. Your reaction will be the opposite of what you expected: instead of sitting at home crying, go out with friends and have a good time. Seeing this is going to immediately make your ex jealous.

Method two: Create a dynamic group – Spend a time with a group of boys and girls. A scenario like this is going to play in many different ways in your head. Your ex-boyfriend is going to ask who you’re going to meet, or worse, who will try to meet you. This is going to bother your ex-boyfriend a lot more than he believes, and listening to him and seeing him will make him crazy.

Method Three: Use another guy to make your ex jealous – This is the most dangerous technique; however, it will also cause more jealousy. Your ex boyfriend has broken up with you, which means you’re free to go out and see whoever you want.

But neither should you push your ex-boyfriend beyond the extent of jealousy to a point where he does not even want you anymore. This means you can flirt, talk and have fun with other guys – however, you can not really start dating other guys except until you’re ready for the result.

DO NOT try to go out with your ex’s friends. This is a bad move at all times. You will dislike your ex by disconnecting him from any friend you are dating, and he will never forgive his friend for his betrayal, it could cause problems. The only way to do it right is to avoid it from the beginning.

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