Recover Your Ex In The Distance

How To Recover Your Ex In The Distance

Very important things to keep in mind about recovering your ex in the distance and that you should value when recovering your ex.

Solve the distance that caused the break and how.

When a distance relationship is broken there is always a reason, as in all relationships that are cut, the distance also adds a factor that complicates a bit the reconciliation that is the same distance.

It is not so easy to plan an appointment, but also offers another type of security. Normally your ex will not be so reluctant to talk to you or tell you certain things, because you live far away and there is no danger. So it has its pros and cons.

But how do you solve from a distance what caused the rupture? The important thing about a relationship at a distance is that being distance is not the same as a relationship of years where you both lived together, but that the break was given by specific problems that are easier to solve at a distance or that is easier that are given as resolved.

It is not the same to make your husband or wife believe after 7 married years living together and being a drunk that you will not drink again, to make your ex believe that if you add up all the times you have hardly seen him a month in a row . True?

The thing changes a lot and in that aspect it may be easier to file rough edges, but in order to recover your ex in the distance you must make a double attack, on the one hand have a good relationship with your ex and on the other hand, give up on the problem of the break, whatever it was.

(With to give for overcome I mean that with the contacts that you have with your ex, either through facebook, whatsapp, telephone … that you go sub-communicating by what you say and by how you behave that what caused the rupture not it would be repeated because you have improved)

You can also play «tug-of-war» which are a series of strategies devised by myself that are perfect to make someone chase and want you. The truth is that these techniques benefit from the absurd human psychology that everyone carries inside. You know; Going to a child and picking up a toy that he hates and seeing how that child does not want you to take that toy, simply because he feels like it and it’s his, even though he has not looked at it in years.

This is not exclusive to children, adults behave like that, so I can devise a few strategies and techniques that I have carried out over the years, perfecting them and achieving amazing results. These things work especially well when there is a relationship at a distance because people are like the dog in the gardener who does not eat or let him eat.

If you know how to handle this type of psychology you can have an ex that encouraged you to find a new partner, who instead is constantly chasing you.

Everything changes according to the mental perception of your ex. Your ex feels comfortable knowing that he has the power and sometimes saying things like that, he really does not even think about them, he just wants to have that feeling and feel that he has control. If you really do not care about someone, I would not tell you that, much less someone who has been with you for a while and / or has felt intense emotions for you.

It is simply a defense mechanism and is that especially in long distance relationships you do not have to pay attention to what it says, simply to what it does and sometimes not even that.

What these words mean is that your ex can say Mass, but what you have to achieve after all is to have a meeting with him and culminate the process of seduction either in a date or two, without forgetting that In a distance relationship you can not be stunned, nor allow time to pass because being at a distance you have to make the most of each appointment.

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