How to Recover to my partner if after a few months to regain She says it only wants to be my friend?

How to Recover to my partner Dear Mr.

I take stock of what has happened after a year of having purchased your course on how to win back your partner. Wanted you to know how it was and ask passing some suggestions as we are.

First, I confess that I followed to the letter all instructions in your manual and course. The result was a gradual approach my ex-girlfriend, getting away is no more, on the contrary, in May this year we went to live together. And since then until a few days all went well, thanks to your directions so precise.

Second: After returning from his vacation last week, has returned to tell me I do not really love me, but I want and I have love, I feel like a friend. He says that when he agreed to come live with me it was because I wanted to be sure of her feelings but is now found in reality that does not love me like the early days of our relationship.

I am sure that what he says is not really what he thinks, but at this point what I can do? I’m sure it still attracted to me, especially the sexual plane, never says no, also says he does not want to lose the friendship. I do not know what to do …

Thanks and regards, N.E.E.

Dear Friend,

Your letter leads me to affirm a fact: to win back your wife is easy if you know how to do it properly. Maintaining long-term reconquista is less easy if you’re not careful.

What I seem to see in your case is a classic mistake after the conquest: the habit of applying a label to the relationship. Once you’ve done the work to win back a woman and you picked the fruit is normal that you expect her to say «you are the man of my life, never again to let». Sometimes this happens spontaneously (depending on how you have done your homework), at other times the relationship is «war» and no more. In these cases, the girl begins to feel disoriented when after a period of alpha male behavior as suddenly begin to ask for confirmation and approval to do things. I am not referring explicitly to tell «I can …? But show it with facts, with behaviors.

What she is verbalizing about the new status of the relationship does not interest you, if you read the manual on how to win back your partner, you will have seen more than enough examples all show that what a woman does not express in words nothing to do with their true feelings when it comes to legitimize a relationship. She seeks to give itself the psychological excuse to let you do what you are doing without feeling guilt or remorse. This is part of the psychology of women studied in the course in detail.

Pressed for her to say «we’re dating» or «I love you and really want to be with you» is the best way to reveal your strategy to win back and fall back into a trap from which it will be increasingly difficult to escape.

Stay with her, have sex, share quality time together. That’s what matters. Verbal confirmations are only a way to keep his pride intact, are not reflective of a static reality. But if they become a requirement that she wants to see fulfilled can be a threat to your reconquista.

Action without verbalization: This is the point. Try to enjoy every day of all that has given you the reconquista, leaving aside the questions, arguments, and requests for reconfirmation on how is your relationship. All these actions she understood as the uncertainty on your part, as a lack of leadership as a man’s personality beta. If you behave in this way is likely to be she who come to you to tell you that it has been thought best and he wants to be with you till the end of days.

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Many greetings


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