How to Recover If My Wife came well and I screwed?

How to Recover If My Wife Dear Mr.

I’m a little puzzled, I do not know what to do. Last year I bought the full course on «how to win back your wife» and it worked, everything was better. However in January this year we had a new period of crisis after overcoming became a great love, we decided that we were getting married, and she was the most insistent. In May we had scheduled the civil registry and the church with all bespoken party theme.

We went on vacation together in July and returned my phone calls a day saying that we need to think about it. The truth is, I was very nervous the next morning when I was waiting for the bus to go to work I sent him a message telling you that it would take time to reflect, that I would rather not see it. The tactic, as you said, it worked perfectly.

After 4 days, including a phone call did not answer and another 2 days of posts where he said he wanted to talk and that he could call whenever I wanted, I said two hours later and in a somewhat elusive. So far so perfect, after only 5 days was all ok!

Then the next day I called, first mistake, I said I wanted to go to greet her. The next day she called again and I do not know why but I could not control and I threw in my face that I had left on the phone and thereby act as despicable. The strangest thing, if you want to call so I hung up I said «my responsibility towards my future children to give them the best mother possible and as I can tell she obviously here I am alone.» I do not know, I got the soul.

Since that day she has not returned to show signs of life. Whereas before I was writing nonsense on facebook nonsense, probably to be seen, now nothing. Since that day last week no longer exists. I of course since that day I ceased not see or hear or anything, I think I messed up good. Am I doing the right thing? I do not know if I write something, some of the tactics of your course and I used last year to do it again if it may seem unnatural. The discussion we had left me a very bad feeling on my part.

Tell me what I can do, please. I ask you to help me because I’m in a situation where I want to know how to win back my ex but I have no idea how.

July F.F.

Dear Julio.

I will not deny that this is a difficult mission. A second recapture the same person is not easy, is a bit like going back to put in the freezer for an ice cream has already melted before, it will stay the same. It is true that some of the weapons you used in the first recapture and will not do you or do will reduce their impact on female emotionality.

So what can you do now? Do not give up. It is clear that your attitude of blame has been a serious misstep, you’ve thrown in my face that would be a bad mother, even before so, by what you have caused injury is serious.

Remember also that men who have this behavior you do is put the responsibility for the events in women, therefore they are not alpha males, but are men in need of care, any weakness in the face to women. In this case the only thing you can do safely is to let his wounds heal, you are right to maintain a zero contact, just keep it up.

Already have happened before in your relationship, get into fights you thought you could lead to separation and a few days to be all forgotten like it never happened. Couples fight, but the reasons that unite, boast a willingness to forgive if the circumstances are necessary in this case the time and distance.

I know it is easy to stay silent, but is best at this time. Wait for her to give some sign of life and if not given, try to find out through a mutual friend who is more sympathetic to you, (not her because you know your version where a bad person) and tell you if and is quieter on the subject. Then try to build a casual meeting or follow the tactics of the first part of the course to be encouraging a gradual approach to take you back to your goal.

This time, remembers being a little more disciplined with the techniques to apply, especially for your own good, to make the relationship better for both, and be happier. Regaining your partner is possible but you must work with awareness in this regard.


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