How to Re-Fall in Love with an Ex-Woman – Part 2

How to Re-Fall in Love with an Ex-WomanThis article is the continuation of the titled «How to fall in love with an ex woman – Part 1″, so if you have not read it yet I recommend you check it out and then read this article.

Let’s continue… these are tips for you to become attractive and you can win back and fall in love with your ex-partner, be it your girlfriend or wife.

Become an expert on the «pauses»

From today you must be very clear that the communication is not only verbal, there is the corporal communication and the communication through the silences.

Men anxious, insecure and who fail to be attractive to the opposite sex are those who speak and speak, showing that they are afraid of silence. Women do not react well to this type of men.

The pause in your communication generates great doses of expectation. Look at something, how do you manage to attract more interest from other people? How do others talk to get your attention? Probably the answer is speaking slowly and making many pauses, as if there were no trouble.

The language of the gaze.

Winners know that sometimes words are too much and just a powerful look. A look that knows how to communicate allows you to dominate, question, blame, disapprove, approve, reward, smile, encourage, seduce, and many others.

A woman can stay thinking all night in you only by your look, as well as, a woman can completely forget you if when they had an interaction your look was weak and lost.

But do not get confused, many men to know the language of the glance obsess with their eyes and end up putting a psychotic look. What you should do is simply relax the muscles of your eyes, focus only on using them when you want to express something in particular.

Say goodbye to the tics and gestures that are over.

Focus on a famous Hollywood actor or a super seducer … how many tics, gestures or muletillas do you see in them? none, right? If you have a gesture that is repetitive or a tic that has been chasing you for some time, you must get rid of them, however.

These acts only show a degree of anxiety and nervousness that will not be beneficial in your interaction with women or with your ex.

Say goodbye to strange gestures with your mouth, arms crossed, your hands hitting tables or making noise with everything you find, your head bent to the ground, the quick blink of your eyes, the constant rubbing of your hands, and so many typical tics that only play against you.

Just relax, breathe with your diaphragm as I explained in «How to fall in love with an ex woman – Part 1″ and enjoy the moments that life gives you. Do not worry unnecessarily.

Never bend over to anyone.

This is a very typical attitude of the insecure man. For fear that the woman stops listening to him or stops paying attention, this type of man will increase the volume of his voice, lean to talk closer to the woman, etc.

These acts only make the woman feel pressured and do not want to follow the interaction. So do not turn away!

Worry about your physical appearance.

There is a very wise saying that says «there are no handsome or ugly men, there are only lazy men.» Do you really want to fall in love with your ex-wife? Honestly, do you think you can achieve that goal with your current physical appearance?

If the answer is no, start today to worry about fixing certain little details that are preventing you from getting the most out of it.

Clothing, hair, perfume and hygiene should be concepts that are more present in your life if you want to fall in love with a woman.

It is not necessary to make a total change of your appearance, only to improve what you are presenting to the world these days. A change of look is always welcome as well as a change of hairstyle and one or two new clothes.

If there is something that is playing against you at the moment, delete it. This can be a pair of old and clumsy shoes, a dirty shirt, or a hair that has been neglected for some time.

But it is important that you do not become depressed or obsessed with your physical appearance, each man can get the most out of being WHAT IS. Do not try to be someone you are not.

If your whole life has been thick, do not pretend to look like a famous person who has a physique and face very different from yours, because you will always be pretending.

Rather worry about being the most attractive man of the types of man in your category. Following these tips will be the sensation of day and night, be as you are.

Why? Because you are a Winner and your batteries are charged. Do not let anyone have the slightest doubt, much less your ex-wife.

Following these tips you will achieve your best version in a short time and this way you will be much more attractive for your ex and any woman.

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