How to overcome an infidelity

When speaking of infidelity, mind immediately associated the word with different own experiences or acquaintances where someone has deceived her partner.

But what is infidelity? To whom is it directed? It hurts to someone? Can be overcome an infidelity?

Now, speaking of infidelity is commonplace. The means of communication, Internet, novels, films, at work, in the press… all addresses that theme or get out the news relating to such subject matter.

In this article you will find a way that will help you to overcome an infidelity.

As mentioned previously, an affair in the first instance is associated with a delusion of one of the members of the couple.

To better understand we can compare the infidelity with an iceberg.

As it is known an iceberg is a mass of ice sticking out of the water. Only one-eighth part of its total volume can be seen on the water. Which is why these icy bodies constitute a hazard to navigation.

You certainly wonder what have to do an iceberg with infidelity?.

Then we’ll deepen on its similarities to reach some conclusions…

First of all an affair is as the eighth of the iceberg which hints that there is something that the pair is showing, but a large part is hidden, implicit and that part is dangerous.

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When «sail» in the sea of relationships and we find ourselves with the tip of the iceberg or the «infidelity», the couple is in danger. Their natural or normal way is blocked.

In second place while an iceberg shows only a part of itself, it is known that the remaining part, which is the most part, is hidden and also dangerous. The same goes for the couple. While infidelity can be such as the tip of an iceberg, hints that below, not on the surface, the depth of the pair there are other issues that are dangerous and which will have to resolve if you want to keep «browsing» in the couple’s life.

Generally the infidelity first begins to take shape in the depths of one (in the most hidden and inside each person’s part). Does not appear immediately. It is no accident. The person is consenting, is reinforcing this idea every day, until that becomes a reality and appears the situation and/or the person to commit infidelity.

All this is brewing in a climate that is not harmonic in the couple. A couple that is not working well as a couple, which is not going to evolve or grow, that it not discerning about how they are, are not self-critical and reflective in their everyday work, is like the perfect place where it begins to generate first with thoughts and then shares an infidelity.

The first person that infidelity is directed is to oneself. It is the generator of the danger, it is moving in areas that should not be navigable, it is approaching the frontera…. And then comes coupled disunity, because once committed infidelity one damaged a road of ida to the couple. We must build bridges that unite to re-establish the communion.

The first person who harms is who commits. Because as well as destroyed built, you must work hard to build.

And… have an infidelity can be overcome?

Returning to the example of the iceberg if the couple warned all the mass is in the depth, i.e. all aspects or situations that were latent and that they not warned to work and avoid the infidelidad…. is the right time to do so.

UN tropezón is not a drop. If there is love in the couple and on both sides there is will and work to overcome it, yes it can be overcome. How? The person who was unfaithful to recognizing its limitations, and especially what issues must work to contribute to the couple. And the person suffering the infidelity, should work with forgiveness. Forgiveness does not imply obscurity. Forgiveness is a strategy that should be used when there is love because it enables the space that the couple must always have for when it is wrong to start the path of communion, to continue to grow, develop and evolve with new forces. Because we are people perfectible, capable of mistakes and learn from our mistakes. Modify them energizes us and leads to love.


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