How To Make Your Ex Girlfriend Back to Your Side

How To Make Your Ex Girlfriend Back to Your Side

When you start a love relationship with a woman, you risk having your heart broken. Unfortunately, that is true why many men do not want to commit to the beginning of a love relationship.

Men always think things are going to happen smoothly even have the hope that eventually may marry the girl they like. That is the ultimate desire of every man who begins a relationship with a woman because they love death.

How to get your ex girlfriend back to you...

However, when a girl decides to leave the relationship because no longer can feel good, or because you think it’s time to go out with another man, is when eality puts you in front, and everything is broken completely. That’s when the temptation to ask you again begin to feel.

Well, maybe’re reading this because in this real time experiencing this situation, and I really want to win back the woman I leave you. You are desperately seeking win her heart again.

But do not worry that there are second chances in the breaks, only if you really know the tactics of how to handle the situation. So, do you really want him back, because your life is not the same and you can not live without it?

How to get your ex girlfriend …

It is important that you play your cards wisely to not fail. The first step is to identify the reason I left you, that’s the base. Were there any signs? Could you speak before the break? Do you have reasons why they do not want more?

Rule number two is to avoid despair, because it makes you act incorrectly. Therefore, you should not contact her at least two weeks. If you’re tempted to call it within 2 weeks have done everything, to erase your phone number.

After a couple of weeks, contact her via a message on Facebook, or something casual in a text message. You must be friendly, and you can spice up your message with some humor. Just remember – do not send kisses or start an desperate talk!

If you agree to a meeting for coffee, not demuestress him that you’re desperate for it. You must take the idea that you’re with a friend so she would not even think that you feel sexually attracted to her.

If she gives you a second chance to meet again, which is not always a guarantee that she will accept return. Make sure the conversation is pleasant, well not speak anything about the breakup. Make it look like you’re happy and you move on with your life.

My friend, it’s time to go yet when the occasion arises. This is the plan:

1. You get the best of you.

It will take up to three months for this transformation is visible. It’s time to think about you again, attends the gym and get the kind of body that women like. Try to be positive about the breakup.

2. Arrange your Facebook profile.

This is now your single point of connection between friends and acquaintances. You need to show up on your profile as a secure, independent and happy and loves sticking his current lifestyle.

This means that you must upload photos with beautiful girls at a party next to you. Upload photos of you traveling or doing things you never did when you were with her. Should provoke jealousy in it.

3. Retrieve the contact.

If the time to send a Facebook message occurs, maybe some good greetings or something else, if you receive a positive answer is because this is your chance to woo her again.

What if she does not want anything to you?

This is tricky, especially when she shows signs that he is not interested in you. But do not give this happens, you can still try to conquer it. You have to think about building a solid plan of action.

Write him an email, Facebook or any means that you can use to get to it or contact. Here’s a clue what you should be including in your letters or your text:

(a) Text messages to get your ex girlfriend.

You must include memories of visiting both places, things that happened to the two, and so on. But stay Casual des not seem desperate feeling.

(b) Songs that remove his heart.

The sad love songs might do the trick in some cases. You can dedicate songs I used to love when they were together. Use the songs that evoke strong emotional response. Tell these songs make you remember it.

(c) The great gift.

The only gift that works in relationships and to make your ex girlfriend back is Silence! Give the gift of silence, and will be more emotionally good than you think. Do not waste time buying him a tangible gift.

She can refuse a gift, or could not appreciate it. Do not waste your time chasing her with gifts every time a birthday or a special occasion. That translates into despair, as she does not love you, she might even decide to leave you forever because it seems hopeless.


At least try to follow these tips on how to make your ex girlfriend back to your side. If not, then you should know that not coming back whatever the type of effort you make. But at least you will achieve think of you with a smile, or maybe come back to you.

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