How To Make Your Ex Boyfriend or Husband Miss You Like Crazy

How To Make Your Ex BoyfriendHow to make your ex boyfriend or husband miss you? It is a theme that is repeated a lot and many readers ask me often, so in this article I will talk about this topic and give you some tips for your ex to miss you.

Let’s start by talking about what will NOT make your ex boyfriend or husband miss you. That way you will know exactly what it is, FOR ANY REASON, you must do or keep doing if you want to rekindle the spark with your ex.

The first thing to do is control your impulses.

If you want to return with your ex boyfriend or husband, you need to develop an inner strength that allows you not to let yourself be carried away by your emotions and that allows you to act with RATIONALITY.

Many women are tempted to ignore proven techniques to recover a man and are carried away by their instincts, well, that does not have to be you… I have worked with thousands of women from around the world to help them increase their self-esteem and get a new start with their ex, I know what works and what does not.

The point is that sometimes your emotions will hurt you, forcing you to damage your options of returning with your ex boyfriend or husband.

There are women who have impulses, let go by their emotions, these impulses cause them to do things like:

*Write love letters to your ex.
* Buy her cheesy gifts.
*Try to convince your ex-man to go back to her as he is.

All these behaviors, in a great majority of cases, do more MAL than good. So my advice is that for now you try, at all costs, to ignore your instincts and limit yourself to follow techniques that have already been proven to save relationships.

Ignore advice from friends and close friends.

But not only must you fight with your own instincts, I also recommend that you ignore the advice of people who tell you to try to talk to your ex to get back with him.

Never, but never, you should talk to your ex trying to «convince» him to return with you, so things do not work, believe me …

In fact, any «serious» conversation with your ex boyfriend or husband, in which they talk about the problems of the relationship and try to convince him to return, will not make him miss you, in fact it will have the opposite effect.

The man who misses the woman is a normal process, which happens only, you should not force it at the beginning. Any forced conversation will make your ex miss you less and less. Every time you see him or speak to him, he will miss you less and less, precisely because he is seeing you, he is aware of you. As crude as it may seem.

If your ex can talk regularly to you in the weeks after the relationship breaks, what will happen is that your ex boyfriend or husband can adjust your life to live without you, this will actually help you, since it will cost you much less to redo your lifetime.

Disappear from your life.

So, strong and difficult as it may seem, the number 1 way to make your ex man miss you like crazy is to completely disappear from your life for a while. As soon as possible after the break of the relationship. You should cut off all nonessential communication with your ex.

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