How to Make My Ex Boyfriend Miss Me – Inevitably

How to Make My Ex Boyfriend Miss Me

You keep asking yourself «How to make my ex boyfriend miss me and come back with me?» Would you like to make up for lost time and return with the love of your life reliving the passion that existed between you and him?

Do you really want to shake the dust and get up to fight for him?

Then read this…

Do not despair, because today I am going to present some steps to reconquer your ex and that way you can fulfill your desires to return with him

(As long as you decide to follow these steps)

For your ex to notice and FEEL your absence in your life, it is necessary to follow certain rules.

Unfortunately for the situation of pain that we experienced at the time of the sentimental break, many women committed several «horrors» and broke the rules.

How To Make My Ex Boyfriend Miss Me By Following These Steps:

As mysterious as they seem, you are true, sometimes we forget the simple and this is so because in a sentimental break our heart takes over from us leaving aside our rational side.

But this reading will help you to react and know how to make my ex miss me (ie YOUR ex-boyfriend):

STEP ONE: Never forget that rushing through things almost never leads to anything good.

So calm down and move with one action at a time so your ex-boyfriend comes back with you.

For example, you can talk to him once in a while (not always) but do not get carried away by the euphoria of the moment and do not try to force him to react – At least NOT directly.

STEP TWO: When you talk to him, do it naturally without feeling pressured or making him feel the same way.

Do not spend hours and hours talking, leave it a little wanting to keep talking and not the other way around.

The key to regaining a man’s love is to leave him «unsatisfied» and put you in a somewhat mysterious position.

If when you are with him you see your friends pass or they enter the restaurant or place where you are, then stop the talk and tell him it was a pleasure to see him but your friends are waiting for you.

That way – subconsciously – you let her know that now your friends have more priority, although the conversation is very good and interesting you are able to cut the talk.

This is very powerful and serves to tame the ego of any difficult man.

I REPEAT, this will leave you incomplete, wanting to talk more with you. And that’s what you’re looking for, so quiet friend, you’re in control.

Well let’s continue answering the great incognita of «How to make my ex boyfriend miss me?» With the …

STEP THREE: Stay in good spirits and watch.

What is typical of a woman in the midst of a breakup is to neglect herself in her physical appearance, it would seem that they would want everyone to hear of her misfortune.

But this is not attractive to any guy. Neither physical nor emotional.

Do not let the «flattening» of sadness pass over you.

On the contrary, try to smell good and dress well, since that will project you as a seductive woman, because you will reflect the characteristics of confidence, security, independence, among others.

You will undoubtedly look attractive in the eyes of your ex-boyfriend.

STEP FOUR: Do not think that due to the fact that you have finished, your right to annoy or tease him is CANCELED.

NOOOO, this is the worst mistake women make, so you, DO NOT «disqualify» him, you still have some right and privileges with him and you must take advantage of that right.

Make it feel right by your side.

Look for the right moments to refresh the beautiful moments you had together, this will start connecting the brain of your ex and make your heart beat for you again.

The secret to getting your ex looking for you is …

Approaching him again as a «tender sheep», with no more intentions than having a good friendship (apparently).

And when the time comes you’re going to get tangled in your arms once more.


You have to keep a balanced pace, neither too fast nor too slow.

Because if you look for it every day you will be like a needy and if you act too slow you may forget yourself.

These are just a few steps you can take to get your ex boyfriend back with you, but there are still more …

Because I know that in situations like you the help is never too much and always welcome, for that reason I prepared a special critique on a guide that can raise you above the gray clouds and see the panorama more clearly.

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