Man Is In Love

How To Know If a Man Is In Love, 6 Signs To Realize

Have you started a relationship and want to know if he is in love with you? Here are six obvious signs of how a man behaves when he only has eyes for a woman.

1. He wants to spend time with you. At the beginning of a relationship, you want to be with him as long as possible, right? If he also looks for your company whenever he can, you can be sure that he considers you more than an adventure.

When he only wants sex or is not interested enough in you, he will immediately make excuses to avoid spending time with you. But if you are in love, you will want to be by your side even if it is to go shopping or have coffee with your friends.

2. Do not play with your feelings. When a man only looks for you to have a good time with you, always leaves the door open so that other women can enter. And although I do not tell you clearly, you perceive that he is not totally present for you: he calls you at the last minute, cancels plans, makes excuses when you propose to introduce him to your family, he is emotionally distant, etc. A man in love does not do any of that.

He wants to be with you and does everything necessary to achieve it, without caring that his feelings are exposed. With it you will not have to think about whether it is too early to answer your WhatsApp message. What a relief, is not it?

3. It makes space for you in your home. Not only will not be offended when you see your toothbrush and your creams occupying the shelves of your bathroom, but it will make room for you in the chest of drawers, you will buy your favorite cereals for breakfast and hangers so that you can hang your clothes without break down

Maybe both of you consider it too early to live together, but your home is for you a refuge where you feel welcome and not an intruder who has to be careful not to open a drawer and find another woman’s underwear .

4. It puts you above your friends. With them he has fun, but with you he can express himself freely, be himself, explore his emotions … In short, experience the sensation of intimacy that men often find only in a relationship.

This is a very comforting signal if you are looking for a stable relationship, since it tells you that your man is not a «peter pan» and is willing to assume the complications involved in getting involved emotionally with a woman.

5. He is more handsome and happier. We are not the only ones who want to show our best face to the man we love. When he thinks about the future with you, he makes sure to become a person worthy of your love. And that’s why he takes better care of himself and arranges to like you.

In addition, the well-being that corresponded love causes us makes it look more attractive, happy and full of energy. The best thing is that this change for the better is not left alone in the façade: it will also do everything possible to balance all aspects of your life (health, work, finances) and offer you all the possible well-being and safety.

6. Make future plans with you. Talk about coexistence, marriage, children … Even without you having talked about your plans in this regard. It arises spontaneously from him because he feels he has found the woman with whom he wishes to share his time, feelings and resources. He loves you more than his personal freedom, which most men value very much. Can there be a clearer signal of how in love he is?

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