How to Get Your Woman 3 Important Rules

How to Get Your WomanI know you want now get your wife or your ex girlfriend. I know you feel and what you could have done.

I, like you, I walk by the same wrong path. I tried to convince her of why you should go back to my side, and it definitely was not the way to do it. In fact, I kept doing it without realizing. What he said was nothing but wasted words, and were not causing any reaction to it at all. And she knew it.

Now, how to get your woman?

Well, the truth is that often you will find that if you keep doing cold wall what you’re doing. Your ex is not going to change his mind, like anyone is going to change your mind when you do not want to do something.

Especially when she already made a decision.

Probably at this point you’re thinking too much, «Well, if she took your decision, how I can get my wife?» Well, I’m glad you’re reading this article.

It is not begging, begging and apologizing. And sometimes, you end up apologizing for something you should not have to apologize. And please not to do that or do it that way.

If you want to get your ex wife …

* Do not try to change her mind
* Do not apologize, not knowing how or why you apologize
* Do not force yourself to hate

Do not try to change your opinion

She has already made a decision. If you try to change her, do you cling to its decision, giving you the ability and power to say no and monitor results. When trying to change your mood, not only have the power in their own hands, have the option to start thinking about how things were, and how they could be without you in the future.

Do not apologize

If there is nothing to apologize, then do not. If there is a reason I should apologize, then you have to do it at the right time, and in a way that creates an immediate connection with her.

You have to allow some time before asking the apologies necessary, if not, will not hold. Then, when you do, you have to put in place and their feelings. That’s the right way to do it – but if you do it too soon will only make a short in your success, and fail. Do it at the right time, you will change your state of mind rather than his mind.

No help her to hate you if you want to get your woman

Although she says she hates you, she was not only angry with you. You know that many people say things in anger and then regrets it. But if you try to change his mind constantly, calling, sending text messages, then you are trying to change her mind, and she will stick to its decision, the anger will accumulate more and more hatred, because you’re going to create and build negative thoughts it.

Let her alone who miss you. This alone does wonders for changing your mood. After a while, if there is a need to apologize, the appropriate apology will help you get your wife and reconnect with lost feelings.

Wanting to recover your lost love immediately after you start losing naturally is not right, just a desperate attempt of a desperate person and you should not let your emotions dictate your actions, because surely fail.

All you should have done while they were still together. But it is well my friend, you can do that and more when you get your wife, and then only. Do not try to jump far more than they should.

Now let’s recap

Ok, remember, at this time of the break, do not try to change his mind, going through its own process, rather change your mood, change yours.

Do not go after her for the moment, trying to change the mood of it. Do not apologize if you have to, if you do, do it later, give it time, and you must do it in a way to reconnect with your feelings.

And finally, do not make you sick attempts to retrieve previously mentioned your wife, otherwise will increase their negative emotions, and always give him the power to say NO without any control.

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