How To Get Your Ex Partner If They Have Children In Common!

How To Get Your Ex Partner If They Have ChildrenHow To Get Your Ex Partner. I decided to write this article because there are many people often ask me what to do when the relationship with their partners in crisis or terminated and they want it back but have children together.

The question is: How to get your ex partner if you have children together?

As you know, the strategy I recommend follow to recover the relationship with a former partner and do it decides to restore the relationship, it is to bring the contact point of being almost nil.

How To Get Your Ex-Partner.

Couples who have children together with their ex see a difficulty in this completely cut off communication, because their ex are mothers or fathers of their children and so finished that is the relationship they / as continue to see their children, and therefore inevitably your partner.

What to do in this case then?

What to do if you want to get your ex but have children together?

What you should do is cut communication with your ex-partner in what concerns things beyond the children together.

That’s right, you need to follow the strategy Determine as in any other case, only now you will attend the talks required because of the children.

If your ex is going to your home every day to find him or the children to take to school, to the study or just to hang out with them, the role that you must play is only one parent, not the ex partner.

I mean, if your ex use that moment «go to see his son» to try to talk to you about the relationship, you will not give rise to any dialogue related to the couple generated. If your ex pegunta for your son / daughter, for how is school or some issue like that, you’ll still her conversation in a cheerful and relaxed tone, but very briefly. …

The recommendation is that you do not devote time to your ex, but only for matters of their children. And what necessarily should talk, do it brief and concise manner. Make your mobile phone rings, go to your bedroom to talk on the phone, get in the shower or do anything that cuts interaction with your ex.

The aim of this is to show you have important occupations, you have plans for the day and do not have time to devote to her / him. This is key as to how to get your ex partner.

But do not get me wrong, the idea of this is not to act impolitely with your ex or throw / or home, is just to let you know that you do not have too much time and your life is still active and the best, even better than when you were with she he.

If your ex tells you «? I need to talk to you about us … can be», you should say something like:

«Right now I can not but perhaps we can talk later I will put to much …».

If he asks if you’re seeing someone else you have to say in a relaxed tone and with a smile on your face: «That is not an issue we should talk about us, I do not know if you’re with someone else or not, so that Ought you either you care if I’m with someone … or not. «

With phrases and attitudes, how are you you you are sending a message to your ex you’re okay with the end of the relationship, and accept that your life is better than ever.

With all that your ex will have a great confusion, it will leave your home with bewilderment and think of you all day. That’s what you want to accomplish and that’s what you’ll get with this strategy.

Do you think that if you tell your ex things like «stay a little longer with me, I miss you, I want to talk about us … I want to go with you I can not live without you …» she / he will be attracted / or ? Of course not!!!

You will feel overwhelmed / or pressed / or to give an answer and worst of all, confirm your decision to have left.

So the best strategy you can apply, having or not having children together, is to be indifferent.

I know it’s something that at first it costs a lot, but when you manage to understand the power of indifference, not just to get your ex back but to recover A SAME / O TI, is when they start to get good results.

So you reason that you try to carry out this strategy with patience and firmness and the results will come in due time. Do not forget that you now know how to get your ex partner.

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