How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Or Ex Wife – The First Step

How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend

In previous chapters I mentioned that the main cause of failure among couples is breaking the law of scarcity when looking too close, causing the couple a desire for detachment, and responding to such distancing looking for even more cercanía.como seduce wife

I can think of a better way to illustrate this than remembering the usual behavior of cats. When you approach a cat with intent to pet the cat responds away from you, but if you change your strategy and ignore this cat approaches you for rubbing on your legs and purr.

Think about your former partner-and in any woman like a cute cat. If she decided to get away from you and do not understand why it is probably because your attitude carried away like when you try to pet the cat. The more nagging her more stay away from you.

To obtain the desired result and have your ex partner back with you is necessary the other way and create distance. As the cat is carved between your legs and purr when they simply ignore it, your ex also ceases its efforts to create distance and seriously consider returning to your side.

The first step to recovery of your former partner is to stay away from her and completely break all communication.

Most people with whom I shared this plan to get your ex react with astonishment and disbelief at the above statement, and no wonder.

The council stark contrast to what your friends and family, and even gurus celebrity magazines often advise on these cases, which is look, talk with heart in hand, let her know you love her and that you are willing to make any sacrifice in order to restore the relationship, be romantic and thoughtful, and God knows what else.

But, as I mentioned in the previous chapter, search and try to convince with logical arguments, even worse details, rarely works. She needs to appreciate you enough to want to have you at his side again, and not looking for it as you will get her but appreciate you walking away for a while.

A well-known and wise sentence is one that reads Nobody knows what you have until you see what was lost. You feel she has lost and you then yes you assess your right dimension.

To carry out this first step in the recovery process of your former partner, you should stay away and break off all contact for a month at least, the term recommended forty-five days.

Even knowing the importance of this first step to carry it out is often difficult, after all you’re interested in her and more than once, you will feel tempted to go in your search, call, send a message, or at least ask about her to one of her friends; however, this would be a serious error.

During this period of thirty to forty-five cease days of searching, you do zero phone calls, messages zero, zero attempts to obtain information about her through mutual friends. The distance must be total, not even you should visit your profile on Facebook or other social network.

Remoteness, combined with other actions that I will mention in later chapters, it turns out to be a very powerful strategy that completely changes the picture she’d been envisioning, creating awe and confusion that will lead to lower our guard and find you more attractive and interesting.

What will go through your mind first is that you’ll wonder what you, where you are, why you stopped looking and suddenly it seems like the earth has swallowed you. In this way, she begins to think more and more about you and to seriously worry about you.

The time continues to run and you’re still without looking or contact her somehow, now she’s wondering if she has stopped is tremendously interested and confused about why suddenly lost all interest in it after thought have you eating out of his hand.

When a woman discovers that a man is no longer interested in it always it assumes that you have found another woman with whom comfort, this leads to conceive jealousy and jealousy is a powerful fuel to rekindle and fan the flame of passion.

It comes a defining moment when she must face her own feelings, questions why you think so much, why is jealous, and why you have so affected the distance.

If he is honest with herself, she will come to the conclusion that still cares about you and wants you back so soon could be getting a call from him (later I will show you how to proceed if this situation arises).

All this happens in your mind without you having to do anything except to control your own desires and keep distant though your heart asks you shouting the opposite.

So now you know, keep your distance and break all contact with your ex for a period thirty to forty-five days.

Special situations.

Stay away for a reasonable period of thirty to forty-five days is a necessary measure to get your ex partner and their results are extremely powerful, however, there are special situations in which this distance cannot be set completely.

These special situations occur when your ex and you should meet frequently and live, perhaps because they both work in the same company, studying in the same school, live in the same house, or have fathered children together.

If you are in a special situation and are forced to meet her often, this is what you do:

1. Keep a distance as possible:

In a special situation you can not stay away from your ex and break off all contact for thirty or forty days, but you can keep your distance as much as possible. No more contact than is strictly necessary.

2. Avoid talking about his past relationship:

If there is a chance encounter it avoids talking about the relationship that both had, much less try to convince you back. If she is who tries to talk about it say, politely and without any attitude that can make suppose you’re angry, resentful and uncomfortable, which currently do not have the time and they already speak later.

3. That she finds you happy and satisfied with yourself and your life:

Since she will be watching you very often, I try to always find you happy and satisfied with yourself and your life. Watch your image, raise your self-esteem and improve your attractiveness; The following chapters show you how.

By demonstrating that the break has not affected you and you greatly enjoy your new situation You will strengthen the effect of distance and become a real challenge.

Answers to Common Questions.

The first step in the strategy to get your ex-wife is also the most misunderstood and generates so frequent questions I’ve decided to include along with its corresponding answer below:

Question: Get away from my ex and break all contact is an absolutely necessary step?

Answer: Absolutely, because otherwise you will not get the same effect. Remember that no one knows what you have until you lose it, and she needs to know that you really lost, no longer will be behind it and you’re not easy to obtain.

If you are looking for her or calling her all the time will be very difficult hand, she can miss you, miss you, and realize that if you really important to her.

I have known cases where this has been achieved without the removal and breaking contact, but are very special cases where an enormous power of attraction was obtained through screening, or in the case of very solid couples who had a and they broke contact problem for only two or three days later reconciled; but they are very few.

Question: Can I restore contact with my ex before thirty days if it is a special occasion?

Answer: Even on a special date is recommended, even on his birthday or Christmas. If you do, you anularás the effect you’re trying to generate.

Even worse would be to restore contact on Valentine’s Day or on the anniversary of the two as a couple, you are no longer a couple and in doing demostrarías your intentions to return with her, which would lead again to reduce your own value.

The only valid exception is when both have children and the special date is related to them, such as your birthday. In this case if you need to re-establish contact, but only for that occasion without express more interest than passing this important date with your children.

Question: Should I mention my ex I’m going to distance myself from it before doing so?

Answer: No, it is not convenient to mention it for two reasons:

1. She will mean that you threatening, and if threats then you’re hurt, burned, and sorely in need of it yet.

2. If she does not know anything about you begin to wonder what has happened to you, to care and to miss; but if you knew beforehand, it distanciarías that effect will be diluted and will not have accomplished anything.

Therefore, do not say it. Get lost for a while and let your mind, imagines a thousand things.

In summary:

To make your former partner will assess and face their true feelings you must distance yourself and break off all contact with her for a period of thirty to forty-five days.

She will respond to this distancing questioning why he thinks a lot about you, why you are jealous and why your attitude affects both. You reach the conclusion that still cares and perhaps receive a call from him at the least expected moment.

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