How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend or Ex Boyfriend?

How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend or Ex Boyfriend?


The first step is to let your emotions aside. If you want to get your ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend, he or she is part of your life, then you should feel a real love for him or her!

Learn how to get your ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend ..

If you want to mourn a lot, you must. Well, mourn or a few drinks will not do you any harm. Just do not overdo the drink or do often, because that way you will never have the opportunity to get your ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend.

If you need to talk to someone, call one of your best friends, or family. If case you do not want to share your pain with anyone – Just write your entire history on paper and burn it while you watch. You should not keep the pain inside you.

Suffer your pain for a few days and then make yourself working on some activity. You can go to the gym, that will do you good. Exercise also cure your mental health. What matters is that you go to bed tired, no time to think about anything or anyone, not even your ex girlfriend or boyfriend.

Search spend a couple of weeks just for you. During that time, cares as much as possible about yourself, started exercises in the gym if you can or at home, change your appearance, you can get a new haircut or buy yourself new clothes, go with friends, you can have an appointment .

And when you’re a little calm, sit down and think about the things that happened in your relationship with care. Think about your relationship with much wisdom and honesty, without putting your emotions first. Think about what happened, not just think about the good things, also think of the bad things they lived together.

Honestly trying to understand and understand why your ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend was on your side.

When your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend wants to leave he will tell you the following:

• We’re not right for each other, there is no compatibility between the two
• You are not the problem, it’s me
• I do not want a relationship right now, I need to be alone for a while
• All fault I have, you’re not guilty,
• Our relationship has changed and is not the same as before

Perhaps these words are true, but they can also be a complete nonsense. The best is not HACR attention to what he or she says to get away from you. Any incompatibility there can be corrected. What is certain is that in your relationship is not all happiness at this time.

So what should you do to get your ex-girl or boyfriend back?

Then .. How to get your ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend? Here is a list of the 5 mistakes men and women make when trying to regain the love of his former partners.

• Trying to convince your ex with pure logic
• beg love him or her, telling her that your life is meaningless without him or her
• doblegarte him or her with gifts, flowers, money, or extreme attention
• Threatening your ex
• Use both friends to ask them to intercede for you

None of you are working on these things time and never worked! If you do, however you’re going to destroy all your chances to get your ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend.

You must give it some time, and then gradually begins to communicate with him or her through text messages or calling directly, remember to be friendly contact, do not talk of love at the moment.

Just tell him or her that you like it or him and talk. No relationship, no way! Just something completely now. Let your ex starts to trust you again.

What you must do is feel the meeting (attractive, and happy). Do not start talking about the breakup. Talking about it does not do you any good. That relationship has ended, and if they get back together, will be a new love story.

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