How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend and Keep on Your Side

I am often asked this question: «Want to know how to get my ex girlfriend.» Relationships that go beyond the end painful, especially if you’re still in love with his ex-girlfriend. After a few days, men tend to ask the way how to win back his ex-girlfriend. There is no absolute formula, but I can show you techniques to increase your chances of success.

Cessation of Communication

How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend and Keep on Your Side You can ask the question: «If you learn to get my ex girlfriend, why do I have to cut our communication?»

Undoubtedly involved in breaking a lot of hurtful words and heated discussions. Talking to her one day after the incident will not make things better. Both need to give the other room to breathe, clear your mind and let the anger go away.

Also, do not talk to her for a few weeks or months to make your wishes blossom you. Increases its value and thus improve their ability to attract again.

Do not pray

Begging is the worst thing you can do after the break. It makes you look needy, weak and unattractive. Women are not aroused by the sight of a weak man. They love men who are dominant and difficult to please, and that challenges them. So never give up their domination.

Do not be a doormat

You may think that being a good guy, you can support his wife forever, or back. When I was thinking about how to get my ex girlfriend a few years ago, I decided to change my point of view on relationships.

I realized that if you become readily available, you lose its value and appeal. I also noticed that if you always do all the demands of his wife, becomes less attractive and appealing in the process. His ex-girlfriend might think you do not have the balls and has a mind of its own. So instead of returning back to you, which can rotate in the direction of an unpredictable, domineering man.

Smother with affection No

Contrary to popular belief, choking his ex with too much affection is a big no-no! ,. Again, the more accessible is furthest from it. So avoid saying how fucked up your life has become when he broke with you.

You will be amazed at the success rate of these tips. These tips are based on the psychology of women in general. Moreover, not only on the basis of the theory, also in my personal experience and because it is what I learned when I was thinking of ways how to get my ex girlfriend a few years ago.

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