How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend And Be Happy Again

How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend

You and your ex girlfriend have just separated, but not stop thinking about her all the time. If you want to get your ex girlfriend, you have to make a serious reflection. Carefully consider how you can become a new you.

How to get your ex girlfriend…

Slowly but surely.

While you want to hastily find your ex and want to recover the lost time, it is important that you do it slowly .. «how to get back with your ex.» Both may have changed during the time of separation.

You may need to have time to get to know again. Look at this as the beginning of a new relationship, it was saying Bethany Marshall, a marriage and family therapist.

Total reflection.

Think about what went wrong the first time, said Robert Buchicchio, an expert couples therapist. For example, perhaps your ex broke because you thought you were too sticky and you did not give him enough he needed.

Or maybe you bothered her to be quiet while you were extroverted. You should seriously think about whether you are willing to leave behind these issues and start again. Otherwise, the same problems are going to happen and history will repeat.

You must make a change.

Seriously think about the possibility of making changes that allow things better this time, writes Susan Heitler, a clinical psychologist, in his Psychology Today article, «How to Get Your Ex. 5 Essential Steps» Identifies crucial problems in your relationship.

Maybe she got mad because you did not answer your text messages. In your new relationship, the priority is to respond immediately. Or maybe you ponias jealous when she wanted to go out alone with her friends. If you really want to be with her, make it a priority to give more space.

Motivation is important if you want to get your ex girlfriend.

Think seriously if you really miss. If you simply stop going to dinner, to watch the games or watch movies with somebody, those things can do with a new girlfriend. You may have forgotten why the relationship broke.

Maybe she criticized your family or you made fun of their career goals. While the fact of being single can be difficult, free your time and energy to find a better opportunity.

The importance of communication.

Maybe you can ask how to reconnect with your ex-girlfriend. Gary Chapman, a pastor who has a doctorate in theology wrote in his book «The 5 Love Languages» That should talk to her about her favorite way of expressing affection.

He describes five ways to show affection: Words of affirmation, quality time, gifts, service and physical touch. If for your ex girlfriend always chose the gifts she wanted, buy something unique according to your interests.

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