How To Get Your Ex Away From You

How To Get Your Ex

If you think your girlfriend had a stable, secure and happy relationship and; suddenly something happened which destroyed all your expectations, you do not worry. If you stay calm and use female psychology to your advantage, it is likely that you achieve correct this situation and get your girlfriend.

How To Get Your Ex Away From You.

* To begin, I suggest you do the following internal questions:

What was it that caused the breakup? Is it an issue that you should discuss with your ex? The reason that caused the rupture is solvable? Is it a reason that you can put aside and move forward in the relationship?

Depending on the answer, you find out if this is an issue that you need to put aside or problem that can be prevented and solved through dialogue.

Often a break brings with it many topics of discussion that are actually unnecessary because they have nothing to do with the real problem causing the separation of the couple.

For this reason it is very important to avoid discussing issues of the past or that are not really important, since only discussions and generate tension and discomfort; if you have nothing to do with the problem of separation, it is better to make these issues aside.

On the other hand, if you want to know how to get your ex it is very important to forget the way you’re perceived. Should not care what people think, if you’re serious, fat, stupid or funny.

The important thing is always to be authentic and not alive pending the thoughts of others, because no one can maintain for long a semblance of what it is in reality.

The next step in this process is to recapture physical and emotionally distance themselves from the former partner.

This is one of the most difficult steps, because after living together and the habit of being together, you probably seems impossible not to talk to her, see her or know what you are doing.

However, it is really important that you let the relationship space and time to appease differences and feelings.

Once you feel more relaxed and calm and you make sure that your ex feels the same way, be a good time for the two to meet and engage in dialogue about how they feel and how things can be.

When the reunion occurs it is very important that communications and dialogues are positive, avoid blame, anger and negative comments.

When llegr the moment in which both your ex like you do not feel emotionally involved to the problem that caused the break, it is ideal for both sit together and begin to communicate in order to find the solution to this problem yet.

Remember that most of the breaks have solutions, all based on good communication where both expose what they feel, what they want and what they are willing to give in order to make the relationship work and prosper.

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