How To Get Him Back And Keep Your Side

How To Get Him Back

Surely you thought it was your soul mate. Sentias sure that you were going to spend the rest of your life together – but the relationship broke down, and now want to know how to get him back. Follow these tips to get your ex back and you can keep your side.

How to get him back …

1. Think you really want me back?

Craving getting back together with your ex because you feel loneliness and pain after a breakup is common. If I already spent some time, you should weigh carefully whether you really want your ex boyfriend back.

You want your ex back now just because you can not count on him? Remember your relationship as something sad. Was your relationship healthy? Does he (or you) was unfaithful? Are you really going to be better or different if back together?

2. Scan inside you.

Once you decide you really want him back, it’s time to get to work on that. What made you fall in love with you at first? How have you changed? ¿Desarrolaste bad habits? Did you make critical mistakes?

3. Start the contact.

If you remain Sorry folks, initiate contact is easy. If you have not spoken to him since he broke, then you’ll have to make some effort. You do not send a text message or leave him a message on his Facebook wall.

Even in the digital age, the face to face contact is even better. You should do a little research (do not lie in wait) and find out where he’ll be. You have plans for that «coincidentally»‘re there at the same time.

4. Keep the sencilles forever.

If he wants to talk, is carefree and fun. Do not talk about the details of the breakup. Let him know that you need your friendship, and please remind times together. Use the shared past in your favor, you can trigger those old feelings.

The conversation should be brief and simple. Invite him to a group meeting for later, and leave it at that.

5. To make your ex boyfriend back will not pray.

Crying, whining and begging not going to regain his affection. Only you going to demonstrate insecurity and need. Men like a safe, strong, with their own interests and shares some of your own woman. Men do not want a desperate woman, lifeless.

6. You must ask for apologies.

If he is receptive the next time you see him must apologize for the things you did wrong in the relationship. Let him know that you’ve been working to improve as a person and your bad habits. Do not be cheesy. Only apologizes, and then resumed the conversation cheerfully. If he wants to talk more about the breakup (or future), it will.

7. Prove your interest.

You have to not say, «I love you and I can not live without you» – but you can let him know you’re interested in more than just friendship. Laugh at their jokes. Expresses interest in his work. Do what you have to do to show you’re interested in trying again.

If he’s interested, he’ll pick up your signals. While trying to seduce it may be tempting, end up in his bed again does not mean he is going to die of yourself again.

8. Accept the break and then bring him back.

If he makes it clear he is not interested in returning you, accepts the break with Hidalguia. Go ahead, but keep in touch with him. Keep working on your own personal happiness. Start dating other (even if it is not serious). The strong, confident and happy to be without it can make you more desirable.

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