Get Back With Your Ex Girlfriend

How To Get Back With Your Ex Girlfriend Or Wife Quickly Even If She Has Overcome You

In all these years that I have been helping men, both to conquer and to reconquer women, I have seen many men suffering because they believe that they have lost their love forever.

And this does not always have to be like this!!!

So there is only one way you can go back with your ex-girlfriend or wife, and that is pressing your emotional points … this is in fact the best way to recover your love…

Have you lost your girlfriend? Have you lost your wife?? Are you suffering with pain? Relationships if they end, sometimes happens without you having expected, when this is the case, it is devastating and you end up looking for How to recover my beloved.

But, just because she has moved on, probably with someone else, DOES NOT WANT TO SAY THAT IT IS THE END OF YOUR ADVENTURE WITH HER !! So, do not waste your time feeling sorry for yourself and do not blame yourself, man, be depressed and without leaving your house, you will not achieve anything, and that will NOT RECOVER YOUR BRIDE or WIFE.

You’re also much better than that … You deserve it back in your life and do not forget it, just because your girlfriend or wife is gone does not mean that YOU HAVE LOST IT FOREVER.

Here are 7 topics that I have learned in my own research on how to return with your former Bride or Wife. This will help you get her back even if she has moved on with another man and no longer seems interested in you. The break in the relationship does not have to be permanent.


After that he told you that this was forever! Yes, it feels like dying … but, the first thing you have to do is stay strong, give him a big smile and tell him OK!

This will press your emotional points. I know it’s the hardest part, but act as if you were happy for your decision. Before writing this article I spoke with my BIG friend ANA, and this was what she told me about ==> I DO NOT CONTACT …

ANA: «I am a woman and I know how it would feel for me if I leave you and you do not follow me … Then go for the ==> I DO NOT CONTACT …, DO NOT WRITE HER UNTIL SHE WRITES YOU. She’s the one who rejected you so do not beg her to give you back. »


The second step to having the woman of your dreams back is to find a way to connect with her again. You need to convince her that she still wants you. Unless she really does not feel anything for you or you’ve done something really unforgivable.

Then you have a number of options open for you. You may also consider that your ex-girlfriend or wife also wants you back. But, for some reason it is not making him look very obvious, or he does not want to be hurt again. Anyway, there are signs that show that your ex wants you back and you can search for them and they will help you decide.


One of the best things you can do at this time is simply to be your friend. You still love your ex-girlfriend or your ex-wife, so you must be the best friend you can be;

Show him that you understand, that you care and that you can keep him company without creating any drama. Show her that you can have fun and a healthy friendship with her, when all the emotional manifestations have diminished, she will realize that she wants you back.


When you have some kind of contact with her, calm down and be nice to her, but you also want to be a little hard to get. You want her to want to love you, but you also need her to want to rescue the relationship.

It can be very simple to stay alone as good friends and maybe she decides to stay in the comfort zone. Do not let this happen, make her feel that she can not have you. You want to give a little air to difficult to obtain, making her feel more interested in the process.

You can, of course, rekindle the passion and desire that she once had and at the same time give her a push in the right direction.


You must be playing hard to get, but do not overdo it. You also want to let him know you are available, go out with your friends, family, or maybe you can flirt, a little jealousy is not going to hurt anyone.

But be careful, you do not want to make her think you’re not available or she probably will not run after you. Being popular can help you regain your ex’s interest and reverse the break in the relationship.


Showing yourself needy or desperate is a big disappointment to many people. Confidence and joy is what you really want to show, especially if you want to have it back in the shortest possible time.

By playing things well to get back to your ex, you are letting him know that you are okay with the break and you are eager to move on. This is better tactics than looking desperate. If you want everything to work it avoids looking uncomfortable and acts well.


Another good thing to do is to remind him of the best moments of when they were together. Remembering the past can help you rekindle your lost feelings. These good memories will help you remember how good you two were as a couple.

Leave aside bad memories, do not bring them in any way because they do not do any good. Reliving the good times and avoiding the bad ones is always a good tactic to get your ex back.


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