How to fix the lies in a relationship

There are different causes of different types of links in human relations. These links can be: commercial, institutional, family, labour, afectivos… among others. The cause to establish the link will condition the relationship. This relationship will be developed to the extent that both parties participate and accept the conditions.

But… what are some of the conditions to live a relationship?

In this article you will find one of the problems affecting the harmonious development of a relationship of the couple and how resolve.

One of the conditions for a relationship grow and prosper at the time, is always handled with the truth. There is a phrase that says: «the truth shall free to them». And precisely the truth is born of freedom.

One chooses freely be free because wisely discovers that the healthier in life is handled with freedom and with the truth. They are two paths that lead to happiness and love.

When there is no freedom and truth in a person is as if they lived in a tangle of fruitless and confusing thoughts that lead to nowhere.

A couple that is not supported in the freedom and truth, it is likely that it did not prosper; the necessary conditions for the growth of the relationship are not given.

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As well as a seed needs to land and water development, something similar happens to the couple.

A relationship to develop needs two vital and essential ingredients such as freedom and truth. When these ingredients are not present, will surely grow in that context the lies.

And why are the lies in a relationship? What are the causes?

The causes may include the following:

On the one hand you might fear. Or is that for fear of not being accepted, understood, understood, valued, etc… is resorted to lying to believe that in this way will solve a problem or the situation will happen more quickly or some obstacle will be drawn easily.Another cause may be the lack of acceptance of the self. I.e. I recognize certain personal shortcomings or failures and for that reason are used also to the lie.

Both cases are based on the illusion of believing that the other will believe and accept what I say, that even though it lies everything will come out equal and that a relationship will prosper despite the lie.

But the problem of the illusion is that it is not the reality, i.e. it is not the truth.

But… how to overcome the lies?

First, if the lies are caused by fear, it is good that it dialogue in couples because perhaps attitudes, responses and behaviour of the other Member of the couple may be responsible for such Act. Attitudes such as: perfectionism, lack of flexibility, lack of availability for the change, presence of old paradigms, etc can be some of them.

Another cause of the lies may be the lack of acceptance of himself. It does misrepresent what one wants to say. The devaluation to oneself, low self-esteem, lack of self-esteem make one cowards really want something that perhaps the other wants to hear.

The two proposals to settle the issue of the lies are: the internal dialogue and the dialogue with the partner.

Both dialogues are triggers to:

the autoconocimientoel knowledge mutuola critical and constructive reflection cambioel

If awareness of the importance of truthful dialogue is not taken, it is impossible that a relationship is perpetuated in time, bet on the lie is like building a house without foundations or build a House on the sand.

Before the minor difficulty, to the lower inconveniente… everything collapses!

Know free bet to the truth. So you triunfarás in love, first of all to yourself and then to your partner.


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