How to Destroy Your Couple Relationship

How to Destroy Your Couple Relationship

A relationship begins his journey of love when two people who are attracted to each other, fall in love with each other, and then decide they want to be together. In the Bible there is a paragraph that says: The two are one flesh.

A committed relationship becomes a living organism, and the two people who are part of it, are not just two people who have decided to be together, they become one person.

That’s why sometimes one refers to someone as «my better half». Now they have become two halves of an organism.

How to destroy your relationship?

For this body can be kept healthy and happy should be good communication. Communication is the lifeblood of a relationship. Communication has to be deep and not superficial.

Each of the two sides should be able to share their fears, worries and concerns with each other about each other, or anything else that involves the relationship.

Because I really love, you must provide each other a safe place for anyone to share what happens without condemning, judging or criticizing.

The simple fact condemn or criticize sentencior will kill the relationship, because one of the two halves will not share what happens with the other. They will start to move away and live separate and distinct emotional lives.

When this happens only going to start sharing things that superficially criticize and condemn the other half supposedly love, you will cause injury and damage.

Sometimes when we love hurt us, say «sorry» and then expect the wound to heal and the pain is forgotten. But remember that if you stab me with a knife and then tell me you’re sorry, I meant left a wound that hurts.

It may take a long time to saner emotional wounds. How many of us are gentle and respectful in dealing with the people we love?

When someone recognizes you are saying, doing or thinking about something that you know is wrong, we hear we must respond with kindness. How do you know it will not do the same in the future? How do we want to treat us? Just as we try? This hardness will destroy your relationship.

How to destroy your relationship? Do you respect your partner.

Lies destroy relationships because they simply destroy trust. A relationship must have trust. Everyone has to be able to trust the other person and always being there for him or her.

Honesty will be appreciated by both. Sometimes we lie and do not want to hurt the other half. But in the end, the lies are the spikes that are embedded in the coffin of the relationship.

That’s why you must be careful to criticize, condemn and not to communicate deeply with the person you love, and take care of the lack of delicacy and lying.

Good relations are successful and happy in time require work.

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