How to Build a Healthy Relationship

How to Build a Healthy RelationshipHow many of us are still looking for that seemingly magical feeling? How many people are in an intimate relationship, but there is still that beautiful feeling called love?

You may feel frustrated and want to leave everything. Maybe your relationship can improve or maybe it’s time to be honest with yourself and realize that your current relationship is not destiny.

How to build a healthy relationship …

Loving someone should not be any drama. Yes, in fact you will have disagreements, but when love is true all the meanness, that is all lies, drivers, manipulation, jealousy should never have a place in your relationship.

How can a loving relationship help you grow? A relationship based on trust, mutual respect, love and honor of the emotions and feelings of others is a relationship that can and will go all the way.

A relationship requires two people to operate. Never be the work of only one person, while the other person is always serving the needs of another person, that is a mistake.

This is a one-sided connection. Both couples are equal in a relationship, therefore the needs of both must be addressed. The relationship has to be balanced.

When two people respect each other and respect themselves, then will focus on individual growth and functional maturity. The pair will meet in the love and pleasure of solving problems.

It is then that the couple give each other the space needed, not only to express love, but also to give place to others feelings and concerns. Each must offer emotional support to the other. It is important that there is a real connection between the two.

If there is no real connection, then there will be deep or true intimacy. Both people will continue together for the sake of being in a relationship. Each person will live his own life and do their own thing.

However, any relationship can turn, even if it means ending the relationship on good terms, in good agreements. That would give the couple time to evaluate your life and where you want to go.

Then, they have to find out if there is still love. No matter the fights that could have happened, maybe one or both parties had an affair outside the relationship, the relationship can become. Many times it is our ego that prevents us from giving up our position.

But it is better to be happy than to be right. Whosoever were the problems just let it go. If both still love and want to continue to build a life together, then all that has happened deserves to stay buried. Take the time to remember why you fell in love.

How to build a healthy relationship? … Simply true love

Without love there is no relationship. You do not need confidence to have a deep and committed relationship. Need love and everything else will happen by itself. When love goes, then everything else ends.

That is why before committing in an intimate relationship is important that they take the time to work on your emotional dysfunction. It’s not fair to take that weight of the past in a new relationship. Whatever emotional needs that exist within you and have not been seen by your parents in your childhood now becomes your responsibility.

Your partner is not your father or your mother so that he or she should not be a priority to take care of your children’s needs. It’s too much pressure on your partner because he or she is also dealing with their emotional problems.

Cultivate a meaningful relationship takes work. Dealing with difficult things that happen in a relationship is not for the faint of heart.

But remember that in any case, make sure that whatever decision you make comes from your heart, from the depths of your soul and your mind. Contrary to popular opinion your heart not your enemy. So learn to listen to your heart. Never lead you astray.

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