How To Break The Cycle Of Pain And Trauma

How To Break The Cycle Of Pain And Trauma
We have peace only when we keep a clean heart towards others. We should not hold grudges or resentments. Our soul must reflect a spirit of forgiveness, no matter what. We must remember that God looks at our hearts and actions, not just our words of apology.

Breaking the cycle of pain and trauma…

Unfortunately, we left out the wounds that are within us as we interact with the people around us. If spiritual transformation will occur for some time, we must begin by acknowledging our past and present.

We must move towards freedom, forgiving in all circumstances. I know this is definitely not an easy task, but we’ve all been hurt once by the people who were affected by others. Therefore we as people injured, hurt other people. The wounds of the past damage the quality of our current relationships.

The change and healing is a lifelong process and there is no quick fix damage Fixer Upper experienced in our lives. The pain can wreak havoc on your life and the lives of others. It is in this process of recognition of our pain and closeness to God that we find healing.

We have to choose a new direction to go if we want to improve. It is not an easy path to follow, but a simple choice involves a process in the here and now. There are many areas of our lives where pain is present and we must work to heal those wounds.

Pain occurs through the stages of life and is often passed from one generation to another. Our family of origin is supposed to exist to satisfy our human needs, but it leads to a lack of care and therefore much damage to us all.

While acknowledging the source of pain is a necessary part of the process of change, blame creates traps that become irrational thought patterns and feelings about our wounds. Recognize healthily allows us to change our pain and find freedom from this pattern of irrational thinking.

The fundamental remedy to resolve past hurts and pain associated with trauma is the grace of God.

To break the cycle of pain and trauma approaching God is fundamental.

In fact lasting change is a process that God gives us, change is the result of much time and energy used for growth and freedom found in forgiveness. We found that change we need when we partner with God.

A genuine change is the key to breaking the cycle of pain and trauma .. This can only be achieved with a loving relationship with God that resides within each and every one of us.

You must understand that pride and fear are issues that take us back in life. This usually is based on shame or guilt related filled. 😉

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