How to Avoid Choke Your Man and Lose Your Love?

How to Avoid Choke Your Man and Lose Your Love

Many women are simply too pushy and equally often end up drowning the relationship.

It is true that every person has very specific needs and no one equals nothing, but most women do not realize they are slowly destroying his novel of love and make the couple lose interest altogether.

They do not choke your man?

All relationships need good incentives to remain alive and strong, but for everyone and everything there is a limit and you can not just think you’re always right.

Your tastes and tastes of your partner may be different and does not have to exist in the relationship is a good sense of balance…

There are some pretty annoying attitudes of women and I say openly because they often spend the limit, but the worst is to make these actions, constant scenes and episodes in the life partner, especially when it comes to love!

Be very careful and keep harmony is a good start to not spoil the relationship.

So how not choke your man and lose your love!

1. The love of blackmail …

The fearsome blackmail… If you use it to get something, you’re going down a path that is not good! I speak not only of blackmail to get «gifts or anything you want,» I also spoke in relation to emotional blackmail in order to take advantage!

2. The obsession.

Love is a wonderful thing that brings peace to our lives, gives us happiness and we must make them feel safe, but when attachment to the other person begins to go in another direction, it can become an obsession.

Obsession is controlling and suspicious, she is the one who says, «if you leave me my life is over» «No he does not live,» or This kind of attitude and thinking has nothing to do with the true and selfless love.

Jealousy is also related to obsessive acts and this is really bad. If you really like, if he says he loves you, you have to trust, if by chance you betrayed him and this makes your emotions are stirred, think … You will always have two options:

– Take it or leave it and move on!

What is certain, is that not worth whining to get love from anyone. The same love should always come first!

3. The detective put to…

Surprisingly, these days there are still women who do the detective.

If by some chance you are following these steps and you try to be a «step» behind the feet of your love, care, because what will happen is that it will be so upset that is able to end the relationship.

If you do not trust him why are they together? That’s the question you should ask yourself! Otherwise you do not trust, do not waste time!

Finally, you must learn what you really need to love, to have self-esteem and also know how to value the relationship you have! Now that’s healthy!

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