How Technology Affects Couple Relationships

Technology Affects Couple Relationships

Can you imagine your current life without the existence of a computer, an email or a social network to communicate with other people and express your ideas and concerns?

The technological advance has given way to new forms of communication and these to the formation of the social networks to which almost all we have adhered. Undoubtedly, these tools influence the way we currently manage our interpersonal relationships.

Technology + human relations.

Our interventions in social networks, blogs and others are recorded and there is no way to make them disappear, at least not for the common denominator of users.

This information can be found through a simple search and used for or against anyone, whether it is a candidate for a job or a partner.

The world today requires us to move at a fast pace and it takes time and place for interpersonal communication in the way it was done until a few years ago.

However, as a counterpart, we now have tools that allow us to meet people and express our interests and ideas at a distance.

Cons that are endilgan to the virtual world.

Recent investigations have tried to relate the increase of the percentage of divorces with the use of the well-known social networks, since it is a reality that these offer greater chances of contacting old couples or venturing into new relationships.

There are even certain reports that attribute to the use of mobile a certain percentage in the breaking of love bonds.

On the other hand, these networks can be used by controlling and jealous individuals to stalk their sentimental partners for alleged infidelities.

But the use of these means to achieve extramarital relations finds its only reason in social networks themselves, but in other factors, not so simple to analyze with the naked eye.

Also, the use of these technological tools to harass someone is not due to the existence of social networks, but probably to the insecurity of some users.

But does technology serve to nurture relationships?

It is important to understand that having a mobile does not give us more control over people or circumstances.

The «touches» and «I like» that we receive and give many times are superficial, because they do not always respond to true or deep feelings, but sometimes are due to a feeling of guilt that we would not respond.

However, it would be unfair not to recognize some benefits introduced by these technological advances, as it is also possible to use these tools to «water the plant» of the relationship with beautiful messages reminding us of our feelings, for example.

And although there are many deceptions and frauds that we must learn to distinguish, the truth is that, well used, social networks can also be used for noble causes.

Other Benefits.

Another positive aspect of the Internet is the fact that people with problems of personal relationships can more easily open up in a cybernetic relationship where they do not need to «give face» from the beginning.

In turn, in the virtual world it is possible to share affinities and find people with characteristics similar to ours, which in the environment itself we do not always find so easily.

As a conclusion, we can say that technological tools are not negative in themselves, but in this area of ​​technology (as in any other aspect of human life), everything depends on the use we give, according to the principles of each.

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