How Should I Act Against My Ex Boyfriend To Impress?

How Should I Act Against My Ex Boyfriend To Impress?Surely you seen the series «The Simpsons» where it exits a cat and a mouse called Tommy and Daly in trying to torment each other’s life.

Can you imagine how uncomfortable it is, when years later you meet your former partner in the supermarket and the only thing you think is in that situation: fight, fight, fight. How to deal with your ex boyfriend to impress ?.

7 tips on how to deal with your ex boyfriend to impress.

Tip 1: Be nice

When your ex sees you, probably the first thing it will do is grit his teeth and closing his fists waiting for the confrontation. Take the front saying a simple «Hello» and being kind to him. That will surprise you.

Tip 2: He is your ex.

Remember it is your former partner. He can talk to other girls without having to give up accounts. Similarly, you can also go out with guys and keep it away.

Tip 3: As a store.

If you find your boyfriend in a club or a party who cares? There are a dozen other guys there. Pretend you’re in a store you do not buy the first time, they travel the place to see.

Tip 4: Do not indignes.

Your boyfriend may have told your friends that you are a conceited and vindictive and although this is true or not, do not show it. Speak kindly to him for a few minutes and then tell him to expect that night to have fun.

Tip 5: Keep control.

Remember that no matter who finished with whom, you’re in control now. If your ex flirts with you and makes you insinuations, let waiting and fun with friends.

Tip 6: Avoid confrontation.

Your ex might make a scene because you’re somewhere that he feels «his». Calmly tell him you’re only there to enjoy with friends and that has nothing to do with him. If you insist, just go the place. He was probably expecting a confrontation but will simply confirm that no longer matters.

Tip 7: Do not use hands.

Teachers always talk about how to use their hands to express themselves in class, but when it comes to your ex, they recommend not using them. Do not touch or misinterpret your signals. After all, it’s just a boy.

The above tips work very well to impress your ex boyfriend, but what if you want to recover ?. This is where you apply a range of psychological tricks whose only objective is that your ex will find irresistible, and make you beg for return.

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